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Dog Nail Grinder Comparison

Updated on September 12, 2010

Safer than Nail Clippers

You are already probably aware of how much safer and more effective a dog nail grinder is in comparison to dog nail clippers or trimmers. Clipping your dog's nails can be a painful experience to your pet regardless if you do it or have it professionally done. People often make the mistake of clipping their pet's nails too close to the quick which is the very sensitive part of your dog's nails.

If you are in search of a good dog nail grinder, you have probably come across several. The top brand dog nail grinders can include:

  • Peticure
  • Dremel
  • Oster

Comparing the Top Dog Nail Grinders

Peticure is probably the most recognized dog nail grinder because the advertise the most on television. You can find a Dremel dog nail trimmer in most hardware stores. Oster is a long-standing brand and many home groomers tend to pick up this brand of pet nail trimmer when starting out. All 3 brands are great but each have slight advantages over the other.

For example, the Dremel dog nail trimmer has been known to be very loud and somewhat risky for your pet and the owner.  If your dog has long hair (or even you for that matter), one false move can mean getting your dog's hair caught up in the Dremel and snatching some of its fur by mistake.  This same risk is prevelant for people with long hair themselves as moving around can cause your hair to be caught by accident as well.

The Oster nail trimmer may also have the same problems with long hair and amount of noise. However, another issue with the Oster is that it isn’t as powerful as the Dremel when dealing with thicker dog nails.  That may be something to consider if you are in the market for purchasing a dog’s nail grinder and have a dog with thick, tough nails.

The Peticure Power Professional Pet Nail Trimmer is the dog nail grinder as seen on tv due to their popular commercials.  Many dog owners have raved about the Peticure primarily because of the way it is built.  It has a safety cap built in so that accidents with long fur or long hair do not occur.  Add to the fact that nail dust is collected in it and it runs quieter.

Overall, the option is up to you, but the Peticure Power Professional Pet Nail Trimmer seems to be the clear winner as a dog’s nail grinder after doing some research.


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