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Dog Name Ideas

Updated on August 31, 2012

Becoming the owner of a new dog is very exciting. Choosing a name for your new friend can be very hard, but it can also be very fun. Rather you are looking for a classic, silly, or creative name you might find some inspiration in the dog names in the lists below.

Choosing a name for your dog can be very fun!
Choosing a name for your dog can be very fun! | Source


The most popular dog name in North America, according to, is Sam, Sammy, Samantha, and similar variations. The name means "listener", so it makes sense that this name would work great for a dog. The second most popular dog name is Max, Maxie, and similar variations.This name means "the greatest", which once again fits a dog perfectly. Dogs are very great, don't you think? Other dog names that reach the top of the list in popularity on this continent include: Lady, Bear, Jake, Tasha, and Maggie. However, not every one wants to give their dog a popular and common name. There are many places to get inspiration for dog names. Continuine reading for lots of great ideas.

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Classic Names

Some names never go out of style. Classic dog names are great. They are just so fitting for dogs, that people keep using them year after year. Great classic names include:

- Rover

- Spike

- Buddy

- Lassie

- Spot

Nature Inspired Dog Names

Mother nature is a great place to look to get inspiration when naming your furry friend. Weather and the outdoors lend many great choices. Ideas include:

- Wendy

- Stormy

- Snowball

- Avalanche

- Hurricane

- Sunny

- Daisy

- Rose

- Rocky

- Star

- Sky

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Food Inspired Dog Names

It is not uncommon for dogs to be named after food items. Some food inspired names can actually be really cute and unique. A few examples include:

- Brownie

- Sugar

- Cookie

- Berry

- Ginger

- Pumpkin

- Dumpling

Did you Know?....

Have you ever wondered were the phrase "raining cats and dogs" came from? Well, the answer is England. It originated in the 17th century. Heavy rainstorms would often send stray animals floating down the roads, giving the appearance that it had, in fact, rained cats and dogs.

Look to Your Dog for Inspiration

Your dog, himself, can even help you come up with a name. What does he look like? What does he like to do? What is his personality like? Think of all these questions and it may help you think of what to call him. Examples:

- Fluffy

- Giant

- Mini

- Sparky

- Jumper

- Runner

- Sweety

- Teeny

- Cuddles

- Racer

You can also use your dogs color as inspiration:

- Blacky

- Sandy

- Snow

- Pepper

- Brindle

- Red

You named me WHAT?????
You named me WHAT????? | Source

Silly/Funny Dog Name Ideas

- Biscuit

- Dog

- Weenie (best for dachshunds)

- Tomato

- Flubber

- Giggles

- Kitty

- Gizmo

- Spunky

- Wiggles

Influence from Television and Film

Naming your dog after another famous dog is always fun. You can even name your dog after characters in the media that aren't dogs! Ideas include:

- Obama

- Spongebob

- Shiloh

- Marley

- Bolt

- Catness

- Twilight

- Spiderman

- Homer

- Marmaduke

- Scooby

Did you Know?......

In Palding, Ohio there is actually a law that states that a police officer is allowed to bite a dog in order to quiet it. What a weird law!

Other Dog Name Ideas:

- Duke

- Skippy

- Frank

- Tony

- Jade

- Mack

- Vince

- Missy

- Georgia

- Blue

No Name is Off Limits!

The truth is that your dog will love any name that you give him. He will learn his name quickly, and will create a bond with you that will last forever. Have an awesome dog name idea? Please share it in the comments section below.


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    • Lady_E profile image

      Elena 5 years ago from London, UK

      Interesting names and even more interesting to know the origin of the phrase "raining cats and dogs." Very unique Hub.

    • Amber522 profile image

      Amber522 5 years ago

      Thank you :)

    • profile image

      JThomp42 5 years ago

      Great idea for a Hub!!