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Dog Owners Etiquette

Updated on January 4, 2011

Another thing that really drives me crazy is people with their animals. Just because spot is your number one, doesn't mean that you can let him run wild. I try my hardest to be as courteous as possible with my dogs. They're "my dogs" for a reason. Listed are the things that I believe dog owners should do in order to keep common courtesy in check:

1. Crap! No really, CRAP.

Have you ever been taking a nice stroll in a park or neighborhood and stepped in dog poop? It really is one of the most disgusting things ever. I had a neighbor whose dog would come over to my yard, and crap. This happened on almost a daily basis. I got smart, and when ever I saw this little dog I'd run outside and blow my blow horn. Needless to say, he doesn't come around anymore. Please people, clean up your dog crap.

2. The roaming mutt

Of course sometimes dogs get loose. We had it when it happens, but it does occasionally. However, when your dog is constantly running away-- you need to up your tactics. Both of my dogs are very large and aggressive. They're sweet as pie, but they hate it when their territory is invaded. Please, keep your dog in check. The thought of him being hit by a car, or mauled by another dog should be enough to keep you worried.

3. Night Time Howlers

NOTHING annoys me more than a dog that barks all night long. Remove the damn things voice box, or train him! I hate it when I am awakened by a dog barking at 4am. Sorry, not all of us sleep through anything. Use some courtesy.

4. Babyshamabygoogoo doggie talk

Stop talking about your dog like it is some sort of god. Yes, he may be a part of the family, but hes a dog. I can't believe there are actually people out there who cook for their dogs every night. I lived alone, I understand how much they mean to you. But you don't nee to take it over the edge. Treating them like they're a human, and placing them on a pedestal--its ridiculous. Get a blow up doll or something.

5. Please Keep Your Dog On A Leash

There is an elderly main in my neighborhood with two small terriers. When ever I would go for a run, this little demon dog would chase me down. I do not condone violence against animals what so ever, but I was very tempted to kick the dog right in front of him. I run with my pitbull, and I am sure he would have eaten him like snack food. Please, in public, keep your dog on a leash if it has violent tendencies.

If you're a dog owner, please show some respect. These are the kinds of things that drive people crazy. Not everyone is as nice as you are to fido, and you've really got to stop expecting them to be. If your dog attacks me, I will not sit back and let him hurt me. I have a definite love for animals, but its survival of the fittest. Clean up your dogs crap, don't let him roam the streets, an stop treating him like a god. Dogs may be mans best friend, but yours isn't mine!


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