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Dog Potty Training Techniques

Updated on March 7, 2010

If you have just picked out a new dog or puppy and plan to keep him or her inside, you need to get your dog house trained. There are many dog house training techniques that can help you out and the method you choose to use will depend on your own personal preference and your family's lifestyle.

You can learn more about dog potty training techniques at

Paper Training

One dog potty training technique is called paper training. Basically what you do is train your dog to go to the bathroom on paper in your house. You need to praise them when they do it right and make sure you scold them when they go where they are not supposed to. Some people use this method as a backup for emergencies and plan to use the next method for normal situations.

Outside Potty Training

Training your dog to go to the bathroom outside is one of the most common methods of house training. One way to go about doing this is to take your new dog or puppy out frequently and praise them when they go to the bathroom to let them know they did what you want. Scolding them when they make a mess in the house is important too. If you are interested in combining two techniques, you can praise them a little bit when they go on the paper and praise them excessively when they go outside. This will help them know you want them to go outside, but it is ok if they have to use the paper.

Other Dog Training Techniques

Another possible technique to use is called crate training and works well for people who can't let their dog out frequently.  Check out the links at for more information on obedience training for dogs including the Secrets to Dog Training program and The Ultimate House Training guide which can help you teach your dog to be a little angel.


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