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Dog Ramps For SUV

Updated on December 25, 2010

SUV Dog Ramps

Do you have a dog that is to small to get in your vehicle or couch, or a dog with arthritis and stiff joints. Is your dog to heavy to lift into your SUV. You should try a Dog Ramp For SUV's. These are life saviors, whats nice about these ramps is these usually weigh maybe 8-10 pounds if that and can hold from 150lbs to 250lbs. The dog ramps collapse easily for easy storage in your car for everyday use or that trip to the pet store. Some ramps you can use to get up to the bed.

Dogs have another use for ramps they can use them to get down off the couch. I have heard of dogs popping their hips out of place jumping from the truck, car or SUV's. That is a vet visit that is easy to avoid. Let's face it your 10 year old Lab just can't jump down like he use to.

Benefits of the Ramps

Pet ramps help reduce joint and back strain for your pet, the ramps for SUV's also help prevent accidental drops, trips and falls with your dog and you. Great for small or older animals. Also perfect for pets with limited mobility or joint problems like arthritis or hip dysplasia. Sturdy, steady walk surface Designed to keep your pet safe and secure, this ramp won't slip or slide down so your dog has that added feeling of not falling, and the ramps usually have a non-slip wet/dry tread surface. Easy to use and transport The ramps weigh very little and have built-in carry handles making it easy to move it.

The SmartPet Ramp has a tread surface and non-slip feet to ensure a safe, sturdy climb, and the ramp greatly reduces joint and back strain for elderly pets or even overweight dogs, or dogs recovering from operations. The ramp's telescoping mechanism, which extends from 42'' to 70'' makes it usable for most everyday uses no matter how big or small, the SUV dog ramp ensures that even the largest dogs have an easy, gradual climb. Reduces joint and back strain for pets -Lightweight for easy transport -Built-in handles for easy carrying


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