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Dog Shampoo Can Help Maintain Your Pet's Health

Updated on March 20, 2011

Medicated Dog Shampoo Can Help With Many Dermatological Problems

 When it comes to our beloved pets, proper grooming and hygiene are important for good health. With so many types of dog shampoo to choose from, it can be difficult to decide which one to use. Various types of dog shampoo include flea shampoo, whitening shampoo and organic dog shampoo. Some have a specific use while others just smell good.

Medicated dog shampoo like Malaseb, Oxydex and Hylyt are used to treat various skin conditions. Malaseb dog shampoo is specially formulated to eradicate cutaneous micro-organisms, degrease skin and remove scaliness without drying out the skin. Oxydex dog shampoo is effective when used to treat folliculitis, impetigo and deep pyodermas, also referred to as hot spots. Hylyt dog shampoo has conditioning properties that are ideal for dry or sensitive skin and can be used for grooming on a regular basis. It is always recommended that you check with your vet before using any of these products on your dog.

Salon quality dog shampoo comes in many fragrances!
Salon quality dog shampoo comes in many fragrances!

There's A Dog Shampoo For Every Skin Ailment

There are many specialized shampoos for dogs that are formulated to treat certain problems. Whitening dog shampoo is designed to neutralize stains that can make a white coat appear dingy. If your pet is prone to excessive shedding, a shed control shampoo may help prevent some hair loss. There are also tearless shampoos for dogs that get red, irritated eyes after bathing. This gentle formula does not sting any more than plain water would.

Deodorizing shampoo is meant for combating a dog's strong, natural odors. If left wet for a long period of time, the curve of a tail can harbor some really bad smells, even after bathing. Odor removing shampoo is a must have if your pet likes to roll in smelly or dead things, or if they've had a run-in with a skunk.

Miracle Coat dog shampoo detangles hair and adds shine!
Miracle Coat dog shampoo detangles hair and adds shine!

A Natural Dog Shampoo Is A Choice Of The Green Consumer... & Dog!

 For people who prefer natural pet products there are organic dog shampoos that are made with all natural ingredients. Organic shampoo may even be effective for treating dry or itchy skin. If you like to make your own shampoo products there are many websites that offer recipes designed specifically for natural pet shampoos.

Pairing a dog shampoo with a good conditioner will make a dog's coat more manageable, especially if your pet has long fur. Conditioners will loosen mats and tangles for easy removal.

Bathing your dog should be a pleasant experience.
Bathing your dog should be a pleasant experience.

There's Even A Waterless Dog Shampoo!

 If your dog is averse to bathing, there are dry or waterless shampoos available for keeping a coat clean. Dry shampoo is just sprinkled on and then brushed through the fur for even distribution. The powder soaks up any excess oil. Waterless shampoo usually comes as a spray that you apply to fur and then towel dry. This can be used as a regular bathing method, or between baths for a touch-up.

While many pet owners find bathing their dog can be a challenge, it is essential for your pet's health. Start bathing your dog when he is young and reward with him treats and praise when he exhibits good behavior. Making bath time fun will result in less stress for you and the dog!

A Dry Demonstration of How to Bathe a Dog

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