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Dog Supplies To Keep Your Best Friend Happy!

Updated on August 28, 2009

The Cornucopia Of Dog Supplies

 Before you bring home a new dog or puppy there are a few dog supplies that you will need to purchase. Stocking up on necessary dog supplies will make a puppy's transition easier and possibly even enjoyable. Having to purchase all your dog supplies at once can be quite expensive so there's no shame in buying discounted or cheap supplies to get you started.

The most important item you will buy for your dog is their food. You should always give careful consideration when choosing what type of dog food to feed your pet. Growing puppies need balanced nutrition, while active adult dogs require food that fuels their energy. If your dog is getting up in age, he may need reduced calorie food to avoid weight gain. Daily feeding will require dog dishes for both food and fresh, clean water.

It's also a good idea to get some dog treats. They are great way to reinforce positive behavior. If you're the type of person who likes to give their dog lots of treats, choose natural dog treats that may have fewer calories than meaty ones.

Dog care supplies are essential to your pet's health.
Dog care supplies are essential to your pet's health.

There Is An Endless Variety Of Dog Supplies

Walking a dog is important for their health and well being, so be sure to choose a dog collar and leash that is appropriate to their size. The most common types of collars available are those that are made of nylon. Nylon is lightweight, water resistant and durable. It's best to start with this type of collar for a puppy as they are relatively cheap and will most likely to need to be replaced as your puppy grows.

When choosing a leash, again consider your dog's size. A strong nylon, chain or leather leash is ideal for large dogs, while a retractable or dainty leash is more suitable for a small dog.

Dogs are similar to children in that they need something with which to entertain themselves. Another pet makes a great playmate, but not everyone wants more than one dog. This is where toys come in. Dog toys come in many shapes, sizes and materials such as nylon, rubber, vinyl and latex. Chew toys are great for entertainment but they are also beneficial to your dog's teeth. They help keep them clean and sharp.

You'll find plenty of toys at local dog supply shops or online, but consider safety when making a purchase. Toys that are too small can easily become lodged in a dog's throat.

Different sized dogs have different sized needs!
Different sized dogs have different sized needs!

Dog Supplies Are Essential To Your Canine Buddy

 Every dog requires proper grooming to ensure good health. Regular baths, brushing, dental care and nail trimming are required. Some dog grooming supplies to consider are dog shampoo, dog tooth brush and paste, dog nail clippers and a dog brush.

Aside from items that are essential for your dog's health, there are some dog supplies that are not exactly necessary but can make a dog's life a little more enjoyable. For instance, where is your dog going to sleep?

Many pet owners allow their dogs to sleep on the bed with them, while others prefer that their dog sleeps on the floor. Some dogs are so large that they would take up the entire mattress. So to ensure your dog is comfortable consider purchasing a dog bed or dog carrier for them to sleep in.

If you don't like to let your dog wander the house at night you can place a large pillow in an enclosed dog crate to contain them. Dog crates are also great as a training device to prevent night-time accidents.

You'll find everything you need at a pet supply store.
You'll find everything you need at a pet supply store.

Dog Supplies Help Your Pet Stay Healthy

 While they are definitely not a necessity, some people just can't seem to resist dog clothes! It's quite endearing to see dogs all dressed up for a holiday or occasion.

Consider all of your dog's needs to keep them healthy and happy as the loyalty and love you get in return is priceless!

A Look at Basic Supplies Needed for a Puppy

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