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Dog Sweaters to Keep Your Chinese Crested Warm

Updated on April 23, 2018
Teeuwynn Woodruff profile image

Teeuwynn has owned dogs her whole life. She has enjoyed the companionship of everything from Pugs to Newfoundlands.

A Winter Coat

A Chinese Crested wearing his winter blues.
A Chinese Crested wearing his winter blues. | Source

Should I Put My Dog in a Sweater?

There are a couple of main factors you may want to consider when deciding whether to purchase any sweaters or coats for your Chinese Crested. The first – and most important – consideration is your dog's comfort and safety.

Hairless Chinese Crested's have a little fur on their bodies, but its not enough to keep them warm in anything but mild temperatures. If your dog will be going outside on chilly days or if you like to keep the air conditioning cranked up you'll want to get your dog a few sweater options. If you see your dog shivering or showing other signs of distress try putting her sweater on.

Powderpuff Chinese Crested may also benefit from wearing a sweater, particularly in winter weather. However their fine double coat gives them a little more protection from the elements than their hairless counterparts.

The second thing you'll want to take into account in deciding whether to get your dog a sweater and what kind to get is style. Fashion! Bling! A lot of Chinese Crested owners enjoy getting their dogs different outfits and seeing how their doggy diva shines. If you want your own canine fashionista go right ahead and indulge.

Where's the yacht?
Where's the yacht? | Source

What Should I look for in a Sweater or Coat?

The first thing that any Chinese Crested owner needs to look at when it comes to sweaters and coats for her dog is the material the outfit is made from. Many hairless Chinese Crested are allergic to wool and lanolin! Although powderpuffs don't tend to have this allergy, it's safer to stay away from any outfits made from either wool or lanolin. There's no reason to risk an allergic reaction and a trip to the vet when there are many other sweater options available.

Before you purchase outerwear for your dog make sure it does not have any bits or bobs that your dog could chew off and swallow. Buttons, beads, fabric embellishments, and zippers can be dangerous if your dog can get them off the coat. So make sure everything on your dog's coat is tightly affixed. Also, always monitor your dog when he's wearing his sweater. You don't want him getting caught up in it or choking on something.

Look for a sweater or coat that is a good weight for the weather your dog will be wearing it in. If you're looking for something to keep your Chinese Crested warm in an air conditioned home you probably won't want it as thick as if you're looking to outfit your dog for a walk in a winter woods.

To Coat or Not to Coat

Does your dog wear sweaters or coats?

See results

How do I Make Sure the Sweater Will Fit my Dog?

When you're buying a sweater or coat for your dog it's important to make sure it fits properly. If the sweater is the wrong size it could bunch up or your dog could easily slip out of it. If the coat is too long it could drag on the ground or even get in the way when your pup has to go potty. That's a mess no one wants.

To get a sweater that fits right you'll want to measure around your dog's neck and the largest part of her chest. You also need to measure from the base of your dog's neck to the waist. You want the sweater to fit comfortably – but not tightly – around your Crested's neck and forelegs.

Some coats have a loop that fits around each rear leg. Make sure these are loose and allow for freedom of movement without letting your dog get caught up or tangled in them.

To make things pleasant for both you and your dog make sure it is easy to put the sweater on the dog and take it off again too. You don't want your Crested getting her head stuck in the coat every time you try to put it on her.

Dog Sweater Pattern

Click here to find a sweater pattern for your dog.
Click here to find a sweater pattern for your dog. | Source

How Can I Make My Own Sweater for My Dog?

If you like to sew, knit or crochet there are a lot of good videos and patterns around to get you started on making your very own canine couture. Just remember the guidelines for buying a coat are still in place when you make your own. The coat needs to fit well, be safe, and avoid wool or lanolin unless you're certain your dog isn't allergic.

Crochet a Sweater for your Dog

Making a Sweater for Your Dog from an Old Sweater

Custom Made Coats and Boots

Sometimes ordering an off-the-rack solution for your delicate Chinese Crested isn't good enough. When it's not, you can go to The nice people at this site work with your dog's measurements. They make different kinds of coats, and you can even get coats with the boots attached so your pup won't leave any behind in the snow or rain.

The Cottage Market

Find many ways to create coats for your dog at the Cottage Market.
Find many ways to create coats for your dog at the Cottage Market. | Source

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