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Dog TV

Updated on February 27, 2013
Zeus takes a break from playing to enjoy Dog TV!
Zeus takes a break from playing to enjoy Dog TV!

Now that my kids are grown, Nickelodeon and Disney are a thing of the past. I've hardly had time to feel sad because now there is Dog TV! My new children- the pets- have a channel designed just for them! Proven to help eliminate stress for a dog left "home alone," so when you return your baby is hanging out instead of chewing on furniture or raiding the fridge! As soon as I heard about it I had to check it out. I must admit I was skeptical, how could the television ever keep my dogs from going nuts? So I tuned in while I was at home the other day. I couldn't believe my eyes when the dogs actually responded!

For those worried they're pet will become a lazy couch potato- my own pups don't spend the day staring at the television, they still move about and do their normal dog things. But the soothing sounds of nature, animals, and kids keep my babies happy. Not only are they calmer but I realized how calm I felt! Yes, Dog TV is a hit in my house. Whether you have a dog or not, if you've got a lot to do and you are feeling stressed give it a try!
Dog TV is only on Cox(2635) and Time Warner(148) in San Diego. If you are interested and do not have cox or time warner check out their website and request service. You will feel like you have taken a doggy-inspired yoga class.

Entertainment for both of us!

Bring your dog to work day just got healthier!

The Virginia Commonwealth University recently conducted a study. They took 76 employees from a company and divided them into 3 groups. The first group brought their pet to work with them daily while the second group left them home and their pets at home and the third group was pet-less. Each morning and then three times later throughout the day, researchers would check the participant’s cortisol level.

The findings of this study are remarkable. While cortisol levels were fairly consistent among all test groups in the morning, the group who brought their furry friends to work had the lowest cortisol or stress levels. In fact, the pet-totting group saw their stress levels fall by 11% while the other two groups increased in stress by 70%.

Having your best friend at work is a lifesaver!


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