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A Nickle's Worth of Free Dog Training Advice

Updated on December 31, 2012

Puppies and New Dog Owners

New puppy owners often wonder how to train a puppy they have just purchased. Some puppies are harder to train than others, like the Akita. Others are simpler, like the German Shepherd. The Akita pup will be a little harder to train than a German Shepherd pup. Not because it's less intelligent, but because Akitas are used to being independent and making choices for itself. After all, it was used for hunting boars, stags and bears, in which he needed to think and act without his master's help.

The German Shepherd was used for herding sheep. He needed to think and act on his own, too, but he also needed to listen to the shepherd. German Shepherds are also one of the best protection dog breeds.

Full of Energy and Short Attention Span

All puppies are full of energy and that can get in the way of training. You can't learn anything if you aren't paying attention to your teacher. Make sure that you have his attention. Have some fun games to play to burn off all that energy. Maybe having him chase you around the yard or teaching him fetch. You could also use a laser light and have him chase that around a dark room.

The Akita has a short attention span, so try to keep the lessons short. This goes for all puppies - so make it fun and short. Train them three or four times a day.

Basic Commands

Here's some free dog training advice. The basics are, his name, "come", "out", "crate" and "no".

  • Come - place the puppy a few feet from you and say his name then say, "Come". Pat the ground, your chest and click your tongue all to incite the little guy to come to you. When he bounds over to you give him a treat and praise. Lavish love and praise on him. If he decides to explore that corner over on the other side of the room walk over to him pick him up and then repeat the process again. Don't punish him for not coming! He'll learn not to come to you if you punish him and that's not what we want.
  • Out - Say this whenever you take him outside. Find a spot in your yard that he can use. Put him in that spot and wait there. When he relives himself say "good boy!" Praise him and give him a treat. For the first few dozen times, walk him over to a specific place in the yard. He will learn that when you say "out," he should go there and use that instead of the whole yard. That will make your job easier when you pick up his messes.
  • Crate - Tell him "Crate" and put some dog kibble in the crate. When he goes inside to eat, praise him. Don't shut the door yet. Make sure he gets used to it. After a few days of leaving the door open, close the door partway while he's eating or sleeping. Then after a week, close the door all the way (but leave it unlocked.) Soon you'll be able to lock it and he'll let you know when he's awake and needs to go out.

Check out some Dog Training Books

Some people feel that using a crate is cruel, but it's not. Dogs crave personal space and a crate gives them that. Unless they have no other choice, a dog will not soil their crate.

Another idea is to put your puppy in a small room so he can sleep. Make sure it is small because puppies don't like messing in their area. This helps in housebreaking a puppy.

Give your puppy plenty of love and attention. Train him to be a good dog and an example of his breed.


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