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The Best Dog Water Fountains Drinkwell, Petmate, Petsafe, Dog It and Dog Auto Waterer

Updated on April 17, 2011

Dog Water Fountain's

At first glance a dog water fountain or automatic dog waterer may seem like a bit of a luxury. Dogs drink water, they do not understand rationing so when you are not available to top your dogs water bowl up a dog water fountain or auto waterer is invaluable.

We all lead busy lives these days, our dogs can be left alone for long periods of time, a dog water fountain is a brilliant way of making sure your dog doesn't run out of water when you are not at home. Dog accessory manufacturers have developed a range of water fountains and auto waterer's to suit all breeds of dog.

In this article we will review the bestselling dog water fountains and waterer's as compiled by Amazon, we will explore the benefits, pitfalls and options when buying a dog water fountain for your dog.

If you are not looking to buy a pet fountain then I have wriiten a full review of dog drinking water bowls here.

Amazon for Dog Water Fountains
Amazon for Dog Water Fountains

Drinkwell Dog Water Fountain

Drinkwell are a leader in dog water fountains with a range of patented designs and reasonable prices for a quality product.

These electric water fountains are specifically designed to offer a constant flow of fresh clean water for your pet. Reduces the incidence of upset stomachs after drinking stagnant water.

Drinkwell have a range of products suitable for single or multi pet households, they offer a host of accessories to compliment the range of Drinkwell dog water fountains including replaceable charcoal filters and cleaning kits.

Drinkwell Dog Fountain Review

Water Fountains by Waterdog

Here is a clever auto dog waterer by Contech.

It fit's directly on to your outdoor tap and dispenses fresh clean water whenever your dog comes within 1 metre of it and turns itself off when your dog walks away; clever stuff.

This dog water fountain works on batteries which will last up to 1 year and utilises a sonar proximity sensor to detect when your dog approaches. Ideal for when your dog is home alone or in the hot summer days.

Can be connected to your garden hose, has a metal protective covering on the hose to prevent chewing and is easily assembled.


Waterdog Outdoor Fountain

Petmate Dog Water Fountain

Petmate are a long established US company, back in 1964 they designed a pet carrier and soon became the preferred supplier for Delta Airlines.

The company has grown organically ever since and today is a leading force in pet products.

There range of water fountains is extensive, with innovative designs, patented technologies and a price point to suit every pocket.

The attraction of Petmate for me is that they do not simply sell products, they are a responsible supplier with at least one eye on being a responsible pet owner, actively promoting animal well being causes they are well positioned to design and sell great pet accessories.

There range of fountains and associated accessories offer every owner the opportunity to find a product suitable for their pet.

Designer Dog Auto Waterer

I couldn't leave this fountain out, it is so pretty it could almost be a feature on the fireplace.

Designed by Rolf C Hagen who are renowned for innovative products around the world, they have excelled themselves with this Dog It Fresh auto waterer:

  • Raised drinking platform
  • Splash guard for cleaner drinking
  • Re Circulating flow for cleaner water
  • Multi surface drinking area

I have to admit I haven't seen this one in the flesh but I will do soon, one is on it's way as we speak. Hope my Labradors don't ruin it's looks.

Petsafe Dog Water Dispenser

Here we have a clever little fountain from Petsafe, designed for indoor use only.

It looks stylish and when I held one it was sturdy too. It will hold up to a gallon of water and supplies your dog with fresh water when he needs it.

With a solid drinking bowl and a flow valve operation your dog should have no problem receiving fresh water every time, replacement filters are also available.

Water Fountain Dangers

This review wouldn't be complete without pointing out some of the risks of dog water fountains.

If you start with the premise that dogs are not stupid but they do not have any common sense then you will be able to minimise the risk of using a water fountain. All of these products have small chewable parts, granted most of the dangers have been removed but dogs are ingenious when left to their own devices.

Make sure that if your dog does chew any part of  the water fountain it is replaced or at least the part is replaced to prevent choking hazards. If your dog has managed to chew a pipe then it is a matter of time before you have a flood and large water bill, don't leave damaged parts to chance.

Dog Water Fountain Summary

All in all pet water fountains are good products, they will supply your dog with fresh clean drinking water whether you are there or not.

Choosing one is down to you, your dog and your budget. Predominantly they all do a similar job, some are more stylish than others and larger with more parts to go wrong. Do not be tempted by price initially; look at practicality first, running cost's second and price third.

If you have found this review useful please vote it up and share it, you may find my other articles useful too.


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    • Aiden Roberts profile imageAUTHOR

      Aiden Roberts 

      5 years ago from United Kingdom

      Hi Bella

      I will update this article soon with alternatives.

    • profile image


      5 years ago

      Thanks for the reviews, however, I was a bit disappointed that all of the fountains reviewed were plastic, which I would NEVER drink from, so I surely would never let my beloved furballs do either. Do you have a review on ceramic or stainless steel (most of which is cheap, crappy, Chinese imported junk)? I have written several companies with requests to produce one, but it seems there are still no good ones out there; at least none that I can find. Maybe you would have better luck. I did find one, but it cost almost $200 and looks like something from the Star Trek series. Any help or suggestions?

    • profile image

      Literary Agency Delhi 

      6 years ago

      nice article.


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