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Dog Whisperers are they real?

Updated on June 2, 2017
My dog Peach with a mind of  a human
My dog Peach with a mind of a human

Dog Whisperer's are they real?

What are dog whispers? Think about it, before I tell you what the actual definition is I will tell you what my version of it is. Which might be what most people think, everyone has different views on everything so it might not be. What I think dog whispers are, are people who can tell you what your dog is thinking. its like dog and person telepathy. Yes, dogs have brains, and they think even though we might not think that they do. I have had three different dogs in my lifetime, as I have mentioned in other posts, but the dog that I have now is a smart one. Sometimes I think that she is part human. She thinks like a human would think especially if you give her foods, she doesn’t like. For example, if you have ketchup on your plate, which you have other leftovers on she won’t touch it, at all. She doesn’t like Ketchup I have tried to give her ketchup chips she will bag for them but not eat them. But she is a meat lover and a lover of jelly bellies. When she is eating these foods, she is all happy and jumping around, so what is she thinking? That is the question or when she is barking at someone a lot what is she thinking? Dogs have limitless quirks that nobody understands and for that reason having a dog whisperer would be beneficial but are they real?

Dog whispers to some people might be fake but to others, they could be real. A dog whisper is a person who understands, dog behavior very well, or at least that is the understandable version of what a dog whisper is. So I guess that means if you really understand dogs, you are a dog whisperer. So yes they are real if you believe that you understand dogs. Don’t you think that it would be cool to know what dogs are thinking, for the most part, they are smarter than you think? Just because dogs can’t talk doesn’t mean anything.

Dogs have minds just like humans, do and they have thoughts. You just have to learn how to read them. If you are a person who has had dogs your entire life, then you know how to read them pretty well. Although each dog that you have, is different reading them is all the same. I have had three dogs since I was born and they have all had different temperaments and things that they liked or didn’t like. Dogs understand humans. They understand when you’re busy when you’re Sad, mad or happy. If dogs can understand that, then you for sure can understand even a little bit of what your dog is thinking and feeling. Dogs know when you’re not feeling well, they get that way too, just like we do.

People who have had dogs for most of their lives can pick up on what dogs are thinking. Whether they want to admit it or not, they can still pick up on it. It’s just in our nature, to do so, I know this because all three of the dogs that I have had are different in terms of temperaments. My dog now is very smart as I have mentioned, she does things that you wouldn’t expect from a dog, for example moving her head against my head, in order to get my attention instead of just barking. It’s like she is talking to you with her body, which other dogs don’t know, how to do.

A great quote about dogs
A great quote about dogs

How can people understand dogs?

I guess what I am trying to say, is if you have a dog you are a dog whisper. Or at least you are in a sense because you understand what your dog is doing for the most part anyway. Do you like dogs and do you think that all people with dogs are dog whisperers? Dogs can understand what you tell them to an extent and vice versa we as people just have to listen and watch our dogs careful to figure it out. A dogs thinking is limitless just like humans we just don't always know what a dog is thinking. What dogs are thinking can be a limitless number of things and we get to sit here and figure it out or not it's up to us. I know that my dog thinks and to this day I am still trying to figure out what it is she is thinking.

Dogs can think of limitless things just like humans do, it is just a lot harder to figure out what they are thinking because of dog whisperers unless they study the dog's brain really don't know what they are thinking. The question is can dogs brains be studied are dog whisperer real? Dog whisperers aren't real because nobody but the dog can know what they are thinking. Dogs have their own limitless minds, just like humans do and if we can't always understand our own minds what makes people think that we can understand a dogs mind. We can assume we know what they are thinking but we will never know for sure.

I am sure that everyone has heard the expression if dogs could talk we would know what they are thinking, and we all wish that we could understand them but as it is we can't, for the most part, we just think we know what they are thinking, Each dog has its own personality just like humans do and sometimes we can't even understand a human which means how are we going to understand a dog if we can't understand humans?

If you own a dog you notice limitless things about them that you try to figure out and understand. Or at least that is what I do with my dog even though I know for sure I will never understand her fully since I am not a dog. I can try as I might to figure out what she is thinking but I will never know for sure and neither will anyone else at least I don't think so, but I could be wrong.

This is a great quote and so true
This is a great quote and so true

Dogs think just like humans

Dogs think just like humans do but they can't express themselves like we can. Don't you think that it would be cool if we knew what our dog was thinking? Do you ever wonder what your dog is thinking?

Do you think Dog Whisperer's are real? Let's Discuss

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    • louise-barraco profile image

      Louise Barraco 2 years ago from Ontario

      I agree as I mentioned my dog is part human or so we think

    • poetryman6969 profile image

      poetryman6969 2 years ago

      I think dog whisperers exist. If you go with the dog nature and not against it then I think you can communicate.