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Dog car seats, car seats for dogs

Updated on January 18, 2011

Car seats for dogs

Cool car seats for dogs
Cool car seats for dogs

What are dog car seats?

Using dog car seats is an excellent choice for pet owners who want to make trips safer. Many people travel with their canine companion without being aware of the dangers of driving with dogs.

A dog car seat not only allows your pet to ride comfortably in the car, but it also keeps the dog restrained. When searching for a dog car seat, it is important that you choose one that will support the weight of your pet.

Most car seats for dogs are made for small to medium sizes dogs. They have soft liners with high ridged sides to hold your dog inside the seat. Most have a way to use the seat belts of the car seat to securely hold it in place.

Also almost all dog car seats have a snap or short leash attached to it. This goes on your dogs collar or harness. This keeps your doggy inside the dog car seat for it's own safety as well as yours.

Basic information about dog car seats

An inappropriate car seat for dogs will make your pet feel uncomfortable. If you are worried that your dog is too large for a car seat, keep in mind that there are dog car seats which can fit pets of all sizes.

A quality dog car seat provides travel comfort for your pets and children. Securing your best friend in one of these seats protects him from the impact of a crash in the event of a car accident.

Most types of dog car seats are equipped with additional security features such as a leash tether, simple seat belts, nets and gates that block your pet in the back seat.

Dog car seats are available in different colors, sizes and materials. Floral patterns and stripes are just a few of the different options. No matter what style or color you choose for a dog car seat, it is essential to remember that keeping your pet safe matters the most.

Make sure you train your four-legged friend to ride in a car before making long trips. Taking proper care of your dog is your responsibility as a pet owner.

Types of dog car seats

There are a few different types of car seats for dogs. Some hang over the back of the car seat backrest and suspend a bit off the car seat. Booster dog seats sit up high so your dog can see out the windows.

Some dog seats have a bottom compartment to hold your pets toys, food and other doggy items. Some even have water and food tray attachments that go on the side of the dog seats.

Center console dog seats are made to attach to your car or trucks center console if your model has those. These are best for small dogs and lets your pooch be very close to you on your drive.

Yet other dog seats convert to a carrier so you can transport your dog inside it once you get where your going. Most dog seats for cars have removable, washable liners, some even have waterproof liners.

You can pick just about any color for your car dog seat and they come in many different fabrics. Check out the many styles, sizes and shapes of dog car seats you see to your right and make your dog happy about going for a ride!


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    • Bill Manning profile imageAUTHOR

      Bill Manning 

      7 years ago from Orlando, Fl.

      Hi MobyWho! Yes most of those seats are for small dogs. As for coming back to Vermont, the white stuff is why I left, ha-ha. I will be coming up for a visit in March however.

      Going to take pictures and videos of a friend that makes maple syrup up there, I handle his maple syrup store. Hope your winter has been good. :)

    • MobyWho profile image


      7 years ago from Burlington VT

      Somehow, I can't picture our labs or goldens sitting in a seat. How are they going to get their heads out the window so their ears can fly? I know that's not safe, but neither is windsurfing; or driving; or living. I'd understand if you delete this answer - it's cavalier. Get back to VT, the snow is still white and beautiful!


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