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Groom at Home (Bichon Frise)

Updated on March 5, 2011

Things you will need

Here are some of the tools you will need to groom your Bichon Frise.

1. Metal comb

2. Shears, if you don't have grooming shears then use a 8-1/2'' Pinking Shears found in sewing areas.

3. Clippers and blades, you will need either the 10,7,5 or a 3 3/4 blade, if using comb guards use a small or medium sized guard.

4. Dog shampoo and conditioner, if you can find a color enhancer for white coats that would be best.

5. Hand held blow dryer

6. Towel

Get Started!

Step 1. Make sure all knots and mats are combed out before you start grooming this will help when you start clipping.

Step 2. Once all the knots and mats are out use your blade to cut the hair on the body and legs. You will start from the base of skull and go with the grain and stop at the base of tail. Make sure u doesn’t shave too much under the neck. You should be left with a bushy tail and a full main on the head.

Step 3. Wash the dog with warm water not to hot not to cold, if your dog has dry skin wash them with an oatmeal shampoo. be sure to scrub well to get all the dirt and loose hair off, and when doing the face try to get a tearless shampoo so it doesn’t hurt their eyes (i use 2 different shampoos one for the face that is tearless and another for the body.) after you shampoo rinse and put conditioner in and do the same as you would with the shampoo.

Step 4. Towel dry the dog really good so there not dripping then use your blow dryer and comb to finish drying. Be careful not to keep the dryer in one spot to long because it will start to hurt their skin.

Step 5. After they are dry you can start using the shears. First you want to round the feet, i find it easier if you put there paw in the palm of your hand and cut around the paw so it looks like a circle, also take your shears and trim the hair on the pads of the dog’s feet

Step 6. When you get to the face which on this breed there’s not much to do manly trimming and making sure there face is round. Start by combing the hair out wards so it looks like an afro, and then just trim about an inch to a half an inch all the way around the face, if you want it shorter you can. When cutting around the eyes you want to make sure you have a firm hand on them so they don’t get poked, just trim the straggles out so it’s not in their eyes.

Step 7. After all the main cutting if you want you can use the 10 blade and shave the tummy, also if you want the sanitairy trim, take the 10 blade and shave from the top of the booty straight down in one blade width.

Your Done!

 Now you should have a well groomed bichon and hopefully a happy one! if you still have questions don't be afraid to call your local dog groomer for pointers.


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    • profile image

      V.L. 21 months ago

      Please consider editing your article to remove pinking shears from suggested grooming tools. They often don't cut well, and they're really dangerous whether dull or sharp. It's so easy for ignorant owners to hurt a dog even using he right tools.

    • profile image

      weezey016 21 months ago

      Who in God's name wrote this piece? Are they even a groomer ? Telling someone to use pinking shears on a dog is ludicrous! Nothing was said as to HOW to remove the mats and tangles - the average person has no clue how to do it properly - they usually brush the coat WITH the grain, which doesn't get to the mats that form at the skin. And nothing was said as to what kind of brush to use either - a soft bristle brush does squat. Same goes for a pin brush. And, you're assuming the dog will just sit there and let you do what you want. WRONG! If you don't know how to control the dog effectively, it's an accident waiting to happen! PLEASE don't go writing things that you know nothing about. Too many people will incorrectly assume it's gospel and end up injuring their dog!

    • profile image

      RealGroomer 21 months ago

      You are a real groomers nightmare. I hope you will be responsible for the vet bills when people try to follow this nonsense and injure their dogs. Pinking shears, really? That's why groomers spend $100s on quality tools instead of just hitting the sewing section at walmart -_-

    • profile image 21 months ago

      hard to take you seriously with spelling and grammar mistakes riddled throughout. Although you make this sound easy, and in essence this is an easy way to describe styling a bichon, your best bet would be to take a grooming course.

      Pinking shears will not give you a smooth look and will in fact result in a owner hack job that we groomers are all to used to seeing.

    • profile image

      KatHidden 21 months ago

      Are you nuts!!!do not use pinking shears!!!and don't advise people to use clipper blades on a dog when they're not educated in proper tecquinique!!

      So damn dangerous.. Reckless post