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Updated on September 1, 2012

The Purpose of

This website has a mission to education people on the dangers of pit bull type dogs. It contains statistics, myths, attack videos, and so called facts about owners. On there "About Us" page they admit that they are not funded or owned by any animal welfare group. They claim to put people's safety before animals.

Their blog has entries about laws, criminal trials, victims, pit bull owners and even family pet attacks. They clearly have a stand against pit bulls but what is most appalling is their use of statistics and media stories to spin the truth. The wonderful and annoying part of the internet is that anyone can post anything or make a website regarding any topic (true or not). They have taken the right to do so and abused it in such a way that many people in the pit bull community view as being libel.

The goal of this website is teach people that pit bull type dogs are bad, vicious, blood thirty, killers and that their owners have no regard for anyone's safety and will even lie about their dogs to justify keeping them.

Why The Site Was Started

The person who started the site has openly discussed her reasons since the beginning. 5 years ago she was attacked by a pit bull type dog while jogging. Since then she has made it her only mission to eradicate the breed and slander people who own these dogs. Without any forethought she has deemed that all "bullies" are bad and so are their owners.

The site states that owners of pit bulls lie about their dogs, that they disguise the name of the breed or if its a mixed dog leave out the pit bull when describing their dog. Pit bull owners always find fault in owners and not the dog when referring to dog bites and attacks. Owners think very highly of their ability to train pit bulls and think that with training and love every pit bull can be a safe dog. And finally, people who keep pit bulls are 9 times more likely to be criminals.

But They Have Statistics, Right?

Through fact checking and reading actual studies done by or acknowledged by the CDC (Center for Disease Control) and the AVMA (American Veterinary Medical Association) we start to see a problem in the "statistics" that has posted on their site.

The CDC and AVMA have both determined that it is impossible to attribute bites to specific breeds of dogs. These is mainly due to the fact that thousands of bite occur while only a fraction are treated and/or reported. Along with that, many people don't know what type of dog bit them, this is especially true for mixed breeds. The CDC has stated that the only true way to determine the breed of a specific dog is to do DNA testing on that dog.

The CDC is an expert on health and safety, they use the AVMA as an expert when it pertains to animals. Our government turns to the CDC for health statistics and data. This isn't just some small group of people throwing information together to make a point. They check facts and verify every aspect of data they release. To say that the CDC is wrong especially on a published website would warrant some fact checking and raise some questions.

Who's the medical, scientific and veterinary expert that assists in their research and fact checking?


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    • profile image

      Fraud Buster 

      6 years ago

      Jaloney Baloney-Get your facts straight moron. We have Colleen's Animal Control report. First off, the owner wasn't present 1/2 wit. Also, that study you keep posting is flawed, even they admit it. LMAO. Go back and admin the 5 plus FB pages you started. Get a life dumbass.

    • profile image

      Brian R Gard 

      6 years ago

      A "Pitbull' is a generic name for a mid to large dog with massive head and jaws. Some are not aggresive, some area deadly dangerous, trouble is one cannot know what they are up against. Needless to say, to harbor a dog potentially dangerous to the owner, family members, friends and neighbors seems very reckless, down right stupid. Who needs a 'Pitbull'

      outlaws and drug runners needing the dog the confront their enemies, often the police why they cut and run. Best defense, snub nose 357 magnum, maybe another pocket with pepper spray, but when in doubt, shoot to kill.

    • kgarcia1113 profile imageAUTHOR

      Kassi Garcia 

      6 years ago from Las Vegas, NV, USA

      Here's the Colleen Lynn hub that I would hope everyone who has heard of would read. I think it might help to clear things up pertaining to her and her "options"

    • profile image

      The Truth 

      6 years ago


      Actually it was a simple question. Are you upset the Nazi's didn't win WWII? They also utilized similar propaganda against the Jews. I mean if the shoe fits wear it right? I know more about these dogs then even I want to know. Yes There are more fatalities attributed to pit bulls than any other dog. There is a reason for that too and why pray tell is the overall statistic less than .25% of all pit bulls have killed someone? When you have a larger number of one breed of course you will twist and turn the statistics to prove your point. When you look at the math though it proves you wrong. The owner of has also CHANGED her story multiple times! Thats a fact you don't want to acknowledge either! They have BANNED people from her sites/facebook pages because they weren't about pit bulls!.. OTHER DOGS do Bite. But I digress by your logic then since minorities are the largest part of the prison populace we should put all minorities down like dogs? Ban them from being in this country? More people die in Automobile accidents than are killed by pit bulls we should start a non profit saying how bad cars are and we should ban those! Or outlawing coconuts as statistics on average coconuts kill more people than pit bulls. Oh Wait lets not forget fast food. After all heart disease kills more people than pit bulls. I have a lot more facts I can spout but maybe the writer of this blog will come up with 20 more deadly things than a pit bull that should be banned or something like that for you our easily persuaded brethren.

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      Wow, I have never read such idiotic crap in my life. The person who created this BS propaganda "dogsbite" website is prejudice, a liar, and a tax evader. I love my pit bull mix. He is better than most people I know. I have owned 3 pit mixes. And you wanna know something? Your right, they did attack children. With big wet sloppy kisses. I worked for an animal control when I was in college. 99% of all bite cases that were reported by the hospitals were family pet. Want to know what those pets were? Yorkies, poodles, Pomeranians and labs. Staffordshires, Pits, whatever you want to call them did better on the temperament testing that other breeds. 87.3% compared to the 77% of the labs and golden retriever's. BSL is nothing more than a witch hunt. Hell, lets call it what it is, PREJUDICE. Pure and simple prejudice. Ignorant people spewing ignorant facts, breeding more ignorance. Stupid means you didn't know,ignorance is the refusal to learn. I don't know from where or whose ass her or the other pit bull haters get their info, but they are flawed and incorrect. If they would have paid attention in school, they would have learned to properly research a topic before writing on it. Writing on something of which you have no knowledge, well, males you look ignorant.

      But what do I know,right? I'm just a "drug addicted,drug selling whore who has no intelligence ",since that is the "type of person who owns pits" . Well, funny thing is I am a 33 year old college graduate, where I was a double major (now degree holder) in nursing and social work and a minor in psychology. I work for a major pharmaceutical company, own my own home and my own car. I am a responsible pit mix owner.

      I suggest the "haters" go to a reputable site and do actual research. Don't go off what someone else tells you to believe. Seriously. Have common sense people. I know its hard,but try.

      The reason why pits attack more than other breeds is because that is all the media will report on. Think about it.....DONE? Ok, so true story. A majority of people are like you idiots and think pits and pit mixes are all evil and need to die, so that's all the media will report because it instill enough fear in people that it will make them agree with BSL. But, BSL punishes us, the,say it with me now, RESPONSIBLE PIT OWNERS. Why should we be made to suffer and have our family, our 4legged children taken from us? Why should our dogs be sentanced to death because they can't help what breed they are any more than we can pick who our parents are.

      And for your information, it is how you raise them. Human aggression and dog aggression are completely different things. No dog is born aggressive. That's like saying a baby is born a serial killer. No, its actions and events that make that happen. Just like with pits, if they are trained and taught and beaten enough, then yes, they can become both dog and human aggressive.

      I suggest that some people learn to correctly research a topic and if you have a dispute with me or the info I have provided, let me know. I know how to do a research paper, I will give you sites. Just be patient with me, I do work and I am back in school as I am working on my masters in nursing.

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      Hey Turkey. I have read She's an idiot. Your facts are false. Your logic is flawed and you are an idiot too. Thanks.

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      You are not helping your argument by continually bringing up Nazis. And for the record, your opinions and assumptions are not facts, and they don't help your case either. Your use of insults instead of counter points prove you have no answers. The truth of the matter is pit bulls do kill more people every year than other breeds. You would be wise to accept this obvious, easily checked fact and move on. And keep in mind that accepting and admitting the negative has nothing to do with "liking" pit bulls or not. Facts are just facts. Perhaps you should actually go to dogsbite and read some of the laws, studies and court cases they have linked there before you go off demonizing a non-profit organization which even you admit is geared toward promoting public safety. Dogsbite has every right to display facts and negatives on pit bulls - the internet does need a little balance in that regard. I think some tolerance is needed by the pit bull loving community, especially towards the victims of pit bulls. And lastly, if what dogsbite does bothers you so much, instead of attacking them, why not fix the problems pit bulls are causing so there are less attacks and no longer a need for dogsbite to bring the discussion forward? What are you so afraid of that you feel the need to shut them up? Please, do your dog a favor, and learn the facts about these dogs. Hint: "it is how they are brought up and treated" is exactly what pit bull rescues are teaching new adopters NOT to believe.

    • profile image

      The Truth 

      6 years ago

      Honesty helps ---- Wow nonsense? really??? Are all of you pit haters also upset that The Nazi's didn't win WWII?

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      Can anyone else get those drugs or liquor that you seem to be drunk on spewing this nonsense? I suppose the pit apologists made up the story about the pit taking a bullet like they made up the story of Darla Napora falling off the ladder.

    • profile image

      The Truth 

      6 years ago

      Wow Caldwell, I call BS. You just don't like pits. There is no scientific evidence stating pit bulls are more aggressive than say a chihuahua. I will give you their bites are more damaging than say a poodle or a pom or yorkie but all 3 of those smaller dogs are more agressive/possesive than a pit bull. But believe your biased mis-information I will believe the AKC and CDC and AVA along with numerous others. Every pit bull I have encountered has been a sweet heart. I have owned one 10 years ago that i rescued and she was the sweetest pit you would ever meet. This chocolate lab (which the shelters think is a blacklab)is ok but not like my old blue. The problem with listening to the shelters etc is because 90% of small breed dog attacks never get reported. people just brush them off as "playfulness" when it is plain aggressiveness and I will never own one again. You use fear mongering to justify your stand and not education.

      By doing that you show it is ok to do things out of fear. You list negative stories but forget about the pit that took a bullet for his owner. Or the one that jumped in front of a snake to save the family. You can't base decisions off of one side of the story. To do that is in itself irresponsible. Pit Bulls are definitely not for everyone but like children it is how they are brought up and treated. Not what "breed" they are. Otherwise the same could be said about humans and look how Auschwitz turned out. That is exactly what you are doing to pit bulls.

    • Jaloney Caldwell profile image

      Jaloney Caldwell 

      6 years ago

      Mortality, Maiming and Mauling by Vicious Dogs, published in Annals of Surgery, April 2011 is a study of dog injuries in hospitals. It found that you have a more than 2500 times higher chance of dying if attacked by a pitbull instead of a Labador Retriever. The study also found that a person is losing a body part to a pitbull attack every 4 days now and pitbulls are the top mauler, dismember, and killer of humans and cause higher rates of disfigurement and permenant disability.

      Further more, publishes facts that come from county animal control offices where the trained animal control officials have identified the dogs as pitbulls. Trying to say a pitbull can't be identified is a cop out. You can identify a beagle, a lab, a Golen Retriever and you can identify a pitbull. Denial of the the greater damage this dog does when it attacks is irresponsible, misleading,dangerous and selfish.

      Furthermore, the creator was severely mauled while jogging past a LEASHED PITBULL in a public area. The owner of the pitbull could not get the dog that stretched out and attached itself to her body to let go.

      Normal dogs bite and release and usually attack out of fear, and rarely attack children. Pitbulls are just the opposite. They attack at random and attack their owners, as well as children much more often than other breeds.

      You can't blame the media either. That is another cop out that intelligent people can see through. Normal dog bites do not warrant calling the police or an ambulance. Pitbulls attacks regularly necessitate calling the police because they can't get the dog to let go of the victim, and the ambulance are called to transmit the victims to hospital as the damage from a pitbull attack is often life threatening. Countless victims have not died but have been left with high medical bills, facial disfigurement, missing scalps, lost limbs, etc. Children are growing up now that will never go to a prom or get a date because of faces that are severely disfigured by pitbulls. They will face a lot of hurt and mockery thoughout life because someone chose to own a pitbull. Why be so selfish? Why not own a dog breed that cannot do so much harm.

      It is the breed not the owners. Pitbull owners are often shocked when their dogs go beserk and attack neighbors or family members. Remember Darla Napora and countless other owners killed by their own pitbulls. These were unabused, loved family pets.

      Denial is not just a river in Egypt but the number of pitbulls that end up in shelters should tell you something. 50- 70 percent of all pitbulls adoped end up being VOLUNTARILY brought into shelters and vets for euthanization.

      If you say you are into pitbulls you will never hear about the pitbulls that attack owners. However, if you tell people that you are against pitbull ownership, people will open up and tell you about the pitbull that attacked the Uncle and had to be put down.. etc. etc. I personally know of a neighbor who had to have one put down as it shredded a family member, a son-in-law's pitbull was put down because it attacked him after 8 years of ownership with no problems, two other friends had to put their pits down because the dogs attacked kennel workers. Just because your pitbull has not attacked doesn't mean it won't. And if it does, the attacks are horrendous and the after effects are life long.

      Banning pitbulls eliminates the breed/kill cycle and is for the greater good of all. (PETA supports spaying and neutering all pitbulls and banning all future breeding of pitbulls). People don't have COMPOUNDS like the reality t.v. gurus with guards and mile high fences and cement floors to keep pitbulls contained and away from others.

      By the way, reality t.v. is not reality. Any unsuccessful "retrainings" are simply edited out. Ceaser uses tatics that are under fire by the Humane society including treadmills and kicking the dogs.

      People need their lives and limbs more than any one needs a pitbull. Noone's want for a pitbull should trump human safety.

      On that note look at this unreported fatality this week: a 91 year old man shredded in his own yard by his neighbors pitbulls. The media is not reporting this because the national news media doesn't reports LESS THAN percent of all pitbull attacks.

      Maybe you should retitle this article as Pitbull owners BE AWARE... and quit telling people to believe fabricated lies like it is the media or its the owner not the breed. These lies are what cause innocent people like this man to lose their lives.

    • profile image

      the truth 

      6 years ago

      "Pit bulls are pit bulls no matter what anyone wants to call them and they kill more people than all the other 167 akc recognized breeds combined. " Really are you born that stupid or does it take practice? Did you even go to school or is someone typing that drivel for you? your statement is untrue and unfounded. The following statement is not you sir/madam are a moron

    • profile image

      Pit Bull Dangers 

      6 years ago

      Anyone can stick their head in the sand or dream of an ideal vision of the way want things to be. However none of that changes the facts or the truth. So get your head out of the sand and look at reality. Pit bulls are pit bulls no matter what anyone wants to call them and they kill more people than all the other 167 akc recognized breeds combined. So keep on lying and spreading misinformation and myths, all it does it make you just as responsible for the injuries and deaths as the dogs or their irresponsible owners. You have to live with that not I.

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      Of course Pit Bulls attack more than any Single Breed. Pit Bull by BSL & Media Law is American Pit Bull Terrier, American Staffordshire Terrier, Staffordshire Bull Terrier, in some state American Bulldog & ALL OF THEIR MIXES!APBT is not a known Breed by the AKC- so there are no Standards- so anything that appears to be a PB- is a PB.

      Bottom line is Pit Bulls don't account for all Fatalities, there are several Breeds such as Labs, Golden Retrievers, GSD and many Many more that have attacked and Killed. If a Breed has Killed before it is capable to Kill again & that is what people like you don't get.

      So far last year- more Labs killed than Dobermans/ Mastiffs or Wolf-dogs, so are you telling me that those Breeds are SAFER than Labs.

      Now lets talk about the Records- you must be talking about Meritt Clifton & - websites that only go by Media Records.

      Each State and town have their Own Statistics & in some Pit Bulls weren't even on the Top 5" Most likely to Attack". Not to mention the simple fact that Not every Dog Attack goes reported.

      Fact is, every single Dog Attack & Fatality could have been Prevented!

      This article has more Truth to it than Merritt or Dogsbite ANYDAY!


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