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Do You Take Good Care of Your Dog? Think Again.

Updated on February 28, 2020
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I love Dogs. I am not a veterinary or a dog healthcare expert but I have taken care of four Dogs in my life, so I know what they love.

Dogs are considered to be human’s best friend. I am assuming that all of you who are reading this article, love dogs. Even if you don’t love dogs, this article may change your love for them. If you have a dog and you want to know how you should take care of him (I prefer saying “him/her” for a dog), you have come to the right place.

I am not going to talk about medical prescriptions and medical requirements of your dog here. This information can easily be found on the internet. I am going to talk about the true dog love and true emotions for pet love.

Treat your Dog as your Son or Daughter

First and foremost point, don’t treat your dog as animal rather treat him like a son/daughter. Dogs are awesome blessing of the nature to the human kind. If you treat your dog as a son or daughter, you will get the expression of child love in return. So try loving your dog as much as you love any human being around you.

Dog Needs Touch Love

Please note that dog understands touch love, so don’t run away from him rather hug him to let him know that you are there. Your Dog loves your attention, so take out time to love him by physically rubbing his head of body. This gives him a feeling that you are always there for him.

Even your Dog love Surprizes

Treat your dog with various surprises like a spoon of ice-cream, dog biscuits, chicken bones etc. As elaborated above, dog needs love like a child. Similarly, he loves all acts like a human child loves. So, if you surprize him with a small gift, it gives him immense happiness.

Don't Leave your Dog Alone

Dog loves you and not your place. So try not leaving him alone at your place. Dogs hate being alone and loves to be with the ones they love, so try to be with them as much as you can. This point is extremely important, when your dog is a baby or not big enough to stay alone. Even though your Dog is young enough to stay alone, try that someone is always there with him. Dog feels really sad and unhappy when no one is around.

Story of a Dog named Champ

I would like to you share a very short story. A story that changed my love for Dogs forever.

I knew a family in my neighborhood, which brought a matured dog from their relatives. His name was ‘Champ’. The dog was quite old but he still did well to catch up with the family and started loving them, as if he was there from his childhood. However, the case was not similar for the family. They initially treated Champ nicely but later started treating him badly.

No one cared for his food, milk or for water. They used to give him feed as per their convenience and not at the time when Champ needed it. However, I never saw Champ ill treating his masters. The things went worst and the dog started getting food supply only once a day. The health of dog deteriorated but the dog never seem complaining.

The dog became very weak and one day he got sick. He was unable to move and was sitting at one place only. His masters still didn’t help him. I saw the dog lying at one place, almost dead! I called the doctor immediately and got him treated. Doctor was really unhappy to see the dog. He clearly indicated to my neighbors that, they will have to treat Champ properly or else he will report this to authorities. The things went well for a day or two, third day everything was same, no food or food once in a day. I tried speaking to my neighbors but they were really uncomfortable whenever I tried advising something to them. I thought that I will watch them for a week more and if they don’t change I will report this to the authorities.

The week was too long. Second day of the week, I remember it was Tuesday. my neighbor’s home got attacked by some crooks when they were not at home. Everyone was sleeping around so no one knew about the attack but Champ was there at home and became active. Champ attacked the crooks and hurt three of them very badly. This also made the neighborhood active and someone called the police.

After the crime scene got over one life was dead. That was life of Champ. After getting hurt severely one of the crooks managed to attack him with knife and penetrated various bruises on champ. The champ was no more. In the meantime police was at the crime spot and arrested the crooks.

These crooks were recognized as one of the major stealing groups. The house owners were back and they were told by police that their dog, Champ saved their home. One of the policemen told them, Ma'am “you must be treating your dog exceptionally well and your care helped us to catch this group. I really appreciate your care”. Mrs Anderson. She started crying.

Mrs Anderson told me later one day that she feels guilty of being killer of Champ. Later, Mrs. Anderson passed away and I got an opportunity to speak to her just minutes before she died. She said she is going with the guilt.

Well that was an incident of my neighbor hood. I have started loving dogs more since then. I have adopted a stray dog and named him “Panther”. He is very smart, intelligent and loving. I am not sure if you see stray dogs in your part of world but if you do, try adopting them, as this may change their lives. They can be your companions and they will find homes.

"Help the living beings, as helping them will help you."

This article is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge. It is not meant to substitute for diagnosis, prognosis, treatment, prescription, or formal and individualized advice from a veterinary medical professional. Animals exhibiting signs and symptoms of distress should be seen by a veterinarian immediately.

© 2020 BrillzLife by Param Arora


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