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DogPedic Orthopedic dog beds

Updated on September 7, 2010

DogPedic As Seen On TV

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DogPedic Orthopedic Dog BedsDogPedic Memory Foam Dog BedDogPedic Orthopedic Dog BedDog PedicDogPedic Sleep SystemDogPedic
DogPedic Orthopedic Dog Beds
DogPedic Orthopedic Dog Beds
DogPedic Memory Foam Dog Bed
DogPedic Memory Foam Dog Bed
DogPedic Orthopedic Dog Bed
DogPedic Orthopedic Dog Bed
Dog Pedic
Dog Pedic
DogPedic Sleep System
DogPedic Sleep System

Buy DogPedic Orthopedic Dog Beds

DogPedic Orthopedic Dog Beds

DogPedic Orthopedic Dog Beds might sound like a bit of a joke when you first hear about them, but the first time I saw the commercial I paid close attention and thought it was a pretty good idea.  We all love our pets but seldom do we think about their comfort.  Sure, they hop into bed with us and we always wonder if they know how good they have it, but is our bed or cozy chair actually healthy for them?

Well, who really cares? Dogs are dogs and they have been sleeping on dirt, rocks and grass for millions of years so any inside dog should be counting their blessings. Right? Well wrong! Or at least in certain circumstances, like my own.

I have a very old Shih Tzu and he has developed some health problems over the years that have me somewhat concerned.  This rescue dog has had it tough and even had to have one of his eyes removed due to disease so when he gives me that one-eyed pouting glance, I just melt.  Well I really just feel guilty and he knows it. I've treated him like a king but for some reason I feel like I owe him something other than saving him from his previous life of abuse.

In his younger days, he could hop on a chair and even had a fetish for jumping onto the coffee table and sleeping on top of the phone, but as he aged his jumping prowess decreased and he has been relegated to the floor or wherever I can put him. I don't mind lifting him onto the bed now and again, but he can jump down by himself anymore.  He suffers from Arthritis and every other ailment the Vet can bill me for so when I saw the DogPedic Orthopedic Dog Bed commercial I was excited.

But before we talk more in depth about the DogPedic Orthopedic Dog Beds, let's take a look at the commercial so you can see what go me so interested in this product.

DogPedic Orthopedic Dog Beds Commercial

DogPedic Orthopedic Dog Bed Reviews

So the DogPedic commercial looked pretty interesting if you ask me and for those who think their dogs don't need a bed better than ours, they probably don't. But, for some of us with dogs who might actually benefit, the DogPedic makes a lot of sense.

As I mentioned above my dog has arthritis due to his age and has also now developed hip dysplasia. As a result he limps around and sometimes cannot even stand up until he tries a few times so his hip will move into place. Even when I carry him around, I feel like I might be hurting him so not only am I worried about his health, but his comfort too.

He is certainly used to sleeping on the floor and probably wouldn't have ever realized he could have more comfort until he tried the dogpedic, but I felt like it would be good for him. He does have one of those round little beds that looks like it's made from some 70's style bad carpeting and to tell you the truth he loves it. Even with one eye missing, and the other nearly blind, he manages to know where his little smelly bed is and spends a lot of time there.

It isn't the worst think in the world but it provides no real support, only a little lip to rest his chin on but he is very protective of his little spot. Again, it is nothing special and actually cost more than the dogpedic which really came as a shock.

Now like I said, I have a Shih Tzu so when I ordered my dogpedic, I was able to get out with only having to pay for the small size which ran around $50 with the shipping included. I had no real issue with the ordering process only that I wish it came a little faster.

I'm actually jealous of the memory foam because it seems like a completely luxurious way to sleep and with the liner that came with it and the fake suede machine washable cover it is very to simple to keep the memory foam clean and protected.

My dog only ways 19lbs and I had no need to drop a watermelon from a ladder to see if it would splatter or if the memory foam would absorb the stress like it did in the infomercial because I didn't really care. But, I did put my dog on the foam itself without the lining or cover to see if the memory foam would return to its original shape when I lifted my dog. It did, and that was all the scientific tested I was prepared to do.

The hard part was getting a 15 year old dog to leave his nasty old bed and start sleeping on the DogPedic Orthopedic Bed. What they say about old dogs and new tricks is true. In fact I purposely never tried to teach my dog anything until he was 12 years old in order to test the theory and the little guy truly never learned a thing. So I was going to have to fool him into using his DogPedic but it was for his own good.

All I had to do was move his old be on top of the DogPedic Orthopedic Dog bed and place it in his favorite spots. I failed to mention before that I live in a two story house and the dog cannot get up and down the stairs by himself anymore. His vision and arthritis are too advanced and he doesn't even try. He also doesn't like to be alone and if I'm upstairs he will sense I'm gone and bark until I come and get him. so every morning I carry him and his bed down the stairs and back up when I go to bed.

So for a few days, I carried the old bed, the new bed and the old dog up and down the stairs, stacked all three of them up and waited until the habit formed. I really couldn't tell if he was any happier but I did notice that the labored breathing I often heard when he laid on the floor did not happen when he was on the dog pedic.

I said this old dog had a lot of ailments and among them were heart failure and edema (fluid in the lungs). He is on medication for that but when he would lie on the floor it always seemed that his body weight was kind of caving in on him and causing his breadth to labor, so for me this soft and very supportive DogPedic Orthopedic Dog Bed has been terrific.

DogPedic As Seen On TV

Buying the Dogpedic Orthopedic Dog Bed was a really great thing for me and my situation and if I had a young healthy dog I would probably still buy one but I'm wondering how this thing will fare in the As Seen On TV world.  Direct Response products are tricky and they have a list of characteristics that each must possess in order to appeal to the television audience and compel them to buy.

In this case the product certainly has a few of them.  In general, any good campaign will have a product that appeal to a wide audience. I suppose pet owners are a big crowd and pet products sell extremely well on television because we love to spoil our pets.  However, this product cuts the pet owning segment in half by appealing to only dog owners. Further this product is being marketed to not only provide comfort for your dog, but health as well. So in my eyes it is being aimed at owners of sickly dogs.  I'm not sure how many of us are out there but I'm certainly one of them.

Next the product must be a simple solution for a very common problem. Again they really hit my nail on the head with dogpedic but I'm not sure the world has been crying out for high tech beds to alleviate canine arthritis pain. Also, the product must be inexpensive which is the case here when compared to other high end pet beds and the product must have a "WoW" factor.

I'm not sure what the wow factor is for the dogpedic orthopedic dog beds. Maybe it is the ability to ward off flying watermelons but most likely that the memory foam mattresses we humans can't afford for ourselves are easily afforded for our dogs.  That's a bit of a "WoW" if you think about it.

At any rate, the fact that I see the DogPedic Commercial on several stations at all hours of the day means that the As Seen On TV marketers feel they have a hit on their hands.  The sales numbers seem good and the product really works.  So if you cannot wait to find DogPedic in stores, you may just want to take a shot on this one and order it online.


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