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Dog Breed Info - Which Dog is Best For You?

Updated on September 19, 2011

Dog Breed info...

There are a lot of valuable dog breed info available. You can be sure that there is a dog size and shape suited to your particular tastes. As a matter of fact there are even designer dog breeds for those individuals who wish to combine the best of two different known dogs into a new breed of dog. For more dog breed info, read on...

We can talk about toy dog breeds. The toy group is a wonderful bunch of pets. These little guys are particularly well suited to apartment and condo living. They are easily transportable. Not known for eating large amounts of food, these smallest versions of the canine world are loyal, feisty and fun to be around. You can also dress them up as there are a lot of dog accessories readily available for toy dog breeds. Keep reading for more dog breed info.

Then there are the working group of dog breeds. In this group you will find the hounds and the shepards. Both of these breeds are used for controlling drug traffic. Some people refer to these breeds of dog as drug dog breeds. In particular you have the USDA's Beagle Brigade. These beagles do not sniff out drugs in particular, but all types of contraband like plant and food items that are not allowed into the US. However, they inadvertently will pick up illegal drugs. Blood hounds are also used for drug detection. So are breeds such as German Shepards and Belgian Shepards. Drug dog breed info help keep these dangerous drugs from hitting our streets and poisoning our kids.

Lately we are all hearing about designer dog breed info. There is a lot of controversy about them. Is it right to cross breed these pedigree dogs to create what used to be called "mutts"? Many people feel that because there is such a huge overpopulation of unwanted dogs that this type of activity should not be allowed. There is a very positive side to this. It expands the gene pool.

So many pure dog breed info have such a limited gene pool that genetic defects like hip dysplasia, shortened life spans, heart, eye and even hearing defects are becoming more and more common. So by creating these designer dog breeds we are actually helping the dog population as a whole. Also, these designer dogs cannot be shown at standard dog shows and they will not breed true to their characteristics, so getting them spayed and neutered will not decrease the value of the dog and should be encouraged.

There are so many dog breeds that it would be impossible to cover them all in a single article. We've had a chance to examine some of the more interesting breeds and even look into those new designer dog breeds. Want a dog with a good sense of smell? Then maybe look into getting one of the drug dog breeds. Whichever breed you choose, remember that dogs will love you unconditionally. Treat them well. For more dog breed info visit your local library or amazon bookstore.


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  • perfumer profile image

    perfumer 5 years ago from California

    Thank you so much Gunner for linking to my hub!

  • Gunnar22 profile image

    Gunnar22 5 years ago

    Good article. I have written a similar one and have linked to yours.