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Dog Designer Clothing -- Fashion Tips for the Well Dressed Dog

Updated on June 29, 2011

Make a Statement With The Clothes You Buy for Your Dog

Most people do not think about dog clothes. This is unfortunate because dog clothes are not only fashionable, they can actually improve the lives of our canine friends. We can make a statement with the clothes we buy for our dogs. Just like buying an expensive car, or designer clothes for yourself, how you dress your dog is important. That Swarovski crystal collar on your Shih-Tzu looks awesome and says you care enough to buy the very best.

All dogs should have some type of dog clothes. At least a pair of boots is necessary. This is not only so the look great but boots protect your dog's feet in extreme weather. For those of us who live in northern climates where there is ice and snow in the winter, people use ice melt on the sidewalks to keep them safe to walk on. That's fine for us humans. We wear shoes and our bare feet are not burned by the chemicals in these products.

However, dogs are always barefoot unless we dress them. Boots will protect your dogs precious paws from chemical burns. They can also help those dogs who do not like to get their feet wet and refuse to go out in the rain. For these reluctant canines a raincoat and rain boots are a must. Speaking of coats, older dogs and young puppies should have one in the cooler weather.

As a matter of fact, a coat should be the first item you buy when purchasing small dog clothes. Coats will actually help keep your dog warm. This is really important in small dogs, older dogs, and puppies who do not regulate their temperatures as well as young dogs and larger dogs do. Your little Jack Russell Terrier may seem like an unending ball of energy, but when temperatures get to freezing, there is not a lot of dog to generate body heat.

Once these little guys get chilled, it takes a lot to get them warm again. Other good small dog clothing items are boots, fancy collars, T-shirts, hoodies and Halloween costumes. The nice thing about small dogs is that there are an abundance of places to shop for dog clothes for them. You can actually find designers that have matching outfits for both you and your dog. Now how cool is that!

Large dogs need clothes too. You can dress your Rotweiler in Harley Davidson brand leather coats, boots, collars, bandanas, and hats. You can also get them leather collars studded with Swarovski crystal. For those who ride with their canine friends in a side car, you can get designer goggles for them. These goggles look awesome, but they also protect their eyes from flying debris. Any dog who rides in an open car, truck, or motorcycle needs goggles. So do dogs who must ride with their heads out of the window. It's harder to find clothes for large dogs. The Internet is a great source for large dog clothes.

Where do you find dog clothes? You can start by looking at your local pet store. Large chains like PetSmart, and PetDepot, have cheap dog clothes. Other places to look are department stores like Target and WalMart. They have cheap dog clothes too. The problem with major chains is that they usually have small dog clothes but not much for larger dogs. For designer dog clothes you need to go online. Some Internet based stores like Trixie and Peanut, KoolDawgs, and FoxyPaws have designer clothes for all dogs. Now that you know where to shop, maybe it's time to get your dog their first outfit.

Dog Fashion Show Video


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    • profile image

      small dog owner 

      7 years ago

      I can attest to what you say here about small dogs cooling down easier than bigger dogs. I have two chihuahuas and it seems like they spend half the time shivering and shaking! Of course I've bought them some chihuahua coats and sweaters and such, but I sometimes have to even put extra layers on them! It's a good little article you have here--thanks for sharing it!


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