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Dog Names Male or Female-- Its So Hard To Decide!

Updated on September 27, 2011

What's In A Name?

What should we name our dog? That is a really good question. There are so many dog names male or female to choose from. There are boy and girl dog names. You could name your dog Buster or Julie or Isabella. Dog names male or female for Dalmatians are easy. Aside from the obvious Spot, many people name their Dalmatians after the characters in the story "101 Dalmatians". But what if you want something different?

You could try Australian dog names male or female. With the unfortunate death of the "Crocodile Hunter" I'll bet you are going to start to see names like Suey (his dog) or Bindy (one of his crocs). Bonzer is a good dog name. It's not gender related, it's very Australian, and it sounds cool. It would be a wonderful name for an Australian Cattle Dog. Another good name for a dog that like to play "fetch" would be Boomerang. This is also an Australian dog name male or female.

Dog names male or female for Dalmatians can be lots of fun. Why not pick a name that is related to fire? They used to be used as fire dogs, but now you might have one as a firehouse mascot. They no longer go to the fire sites. I like the idea of naming them after the characters in "101 Dalmatians". That gives you a lot of names to choose from.

However, what if you just want regular gender based dog names male or female for your pooch. You could try Lady or Cleo. Those are good girl dog names. Max or Charlie make great boy dog names. You could go with something more regal or intelligent like Socrates, Shakespeare, Plato, Michaelangelo, Leonardo, and Gallileo. For a dog who likes to wander, maybe Magellan would be fitting.

There are so many dog names male or female to choose from and so many creative ways to think of good dog names male or female for your dog. No matter what name you choose, be sure that you get it put onto a tag with your contact name and phone number on it. This way if "Magellan" wanders off, he can be returned to you safely.


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