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Dogs For People With Allergies

Updated on June 12, 2009

What are the best dogs for people with allergies?

No dog is 100% allergy free but there are some dogs for people with allergies. These are dogs breeds that produce less dander. Some people wrongly believe that dog hair cause allergies but it is actually dander or old skin. Some breeds of dogs regenerate their skin less and produce less dander thus are more allergy friendly.

Another mistake people often make is buying a puppy and introducing it into the home, They figure after a few weeks nobody has any dog allergy symptoms so everything is alright. Unfortunately puppies by their very nature are hypoallergenic in that they do not give off much dead skin (dander). Its only as the puppy begins to grow that they begin to give off dander and unfortunately everyone has become attached to the dog by that time.

Hypoallergenic Dogs


The one of the most popular dogs for people with allergies is the poodle. The poodle is highly regarded for its intelligence. Poodles come in standard, medium, miniature and toy sizes.


Known for their friendly demeaner the shih-Tzu is one of the oldest dog breeds and has its origins in China. The Shih-Tzu is also very allergy friendly for those who have dog allergies


The labradoodle has enjoyed a lot of popularity in recent years, being a cross breed of 2 of America's most popular dogs Labs and Poodles. It allows Lab lovers to have a more hypoallergenic choice.

For a more complete list of the best dogs for people with allergies including a complete photo gallery or to find out the worst dogs for allergies and which breeds are the best to avoid if you suffer dog allergies.

Shih Tzu
Shih Tzu


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