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Dogs: Little Known Facts

Updated on July 6, 2014
Dogs Have Lots of Stories To Tell
Dogs Have Lots of Stories To Tell | Source

In Pompei

At the threshold of a 2000 year old house in Pompei, is this writing on a tile –“Cave Canem”. This means –“Beware of dog”.

Origins of the Word 'Terrier'

The breed of dog known as terrier gets its name from the Latin “terrarius” or “of the earth”. A fox terrier runs the fox “to earth”.

Dogs Have Interesting Legends Associated With Them
Dogs Have Interesting Legends Associated With Them | Source

Dogs Respected in Ancient Egypt

Dogs were held in great esteem in ancient Egypt. The city of Cynopolis took its name from “cynos”, which means “dog”. Its citizens were forced by law to provide for all their stray dogs and they even went to war when someone from a neighbouring state ate one of their dogs!

Old American Beliefs About Dogs

In America, when a yellow dog follows you around or a strange dog accompanies you home, you’re lucky. A dog rolling about means visitors, a dog eating grass foretells rain, and as anywhere else, a dog howling at night is an omen of death. Dogs are believed to have supernatural perceptions and are said to see Death himself.

The Hindus on Dogs

The Hindus believe that the dog is equal in status to man: “The wise will look upon a Brahmana possessed of learning and humility, and on a dog.”

Interesting Facts About Dogs
Interesting Facts About Dogs | Source

The Zend-Avesta of the Persians on Dogs

According to the “Zend-Avesta”, the sacred book of the ancient Persians, the stray dog, being compared to the holy begging monk, was well provided for and protected by religious laws. The “Zend-Avesta” decribes the stray dog as “self-clothed and selfshod, watchful, wakeful and sharp-toothed, born to watch over man’s goods”. Among the five sins cited in the text, two concern the dog: Giving him food too hot to eat or refusing him food while you are eating.

Dogs At Play
Dogs At Play

The Three Holy Dogs of the Spainiards

The Spaniards speak of three dogs, Cubilon, Melampo and Lubina, who went with their masters to pay homage to the baby Christ in Bethlehem. Even today it is considered lucky to call dogs by these names.

The Well-Fed Dogs of Babylon

The Governor of Babylon possessed so many dogs that four towns were freed from taxes if the inhabitants fed their dogs properly.

The Hebrews on Dogs

Although the Hebrews disliked dogs because the Egyptians revered them, they knew their value: “Dwell not in a town where no barking dog is heard,” they said.

Dogs and the Exodus

A cording to legend, when the Jews embarked on their secret exodus from Egypt in search of the promised land , not one Egyptian dog protested. “They did not move their tongues against man or beast”.

The Watchdog

The image of the watchdog stems from the ancient belief about the personal dog ghost that protects him on lonely roads and the divine dog that protects man’s soul on its way to heaven.

The Buddha Was A Dog In One Of His Incarnations
The Buddha Was A Dog In One Of His Incarnations | Source

The Buddha as a Dog

The dog, as one of the incarnations of the Buddha, brought enlightenment to man.


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    • Anita Saran profile image

      Anita Saran 3 years ago from Bangalore, India

      Thank you grand old lady! I know how much you love dogs - your hub on the beauty pageants for dogs is wonderful.

      Marilyncasandra, I appreciate your visit.

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      marilyn casandra 3 years ago from California

      I never really knew about these great facts about doggies.Thanks

    • grand old lady profile image

      Mona Sabalones Gonzalez 3 years ago from Philippines

      I never heard of these facts before, and I just love them. I love dogs. I love that dogs are so much a part of ancient history. Wonderful hub.