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Dogs Need Exercise

Updated on January 14, 2017

Do Dog's Need Exercise?

Do you exercise your dog? How often does your dog get to play and run or even be outdoors? Dogs need exercise daily. Most dogs don’t get enough exercise and some dogs don’t get the right kind of exercise. Other dogs might not need as much but they still need some kind of exercise. Properly exercising your dog will be very beneficial to you and your dog. It helps prevent health issues in your dog, helps your dog be better behaved and happier, and it can build a better bond between your dog and yourself. Every dog needs exercise.

Health Issues

Health issues can become a big problem with dogs especially in overweight dogs. If your dog doesn’t get enough exercise it can cause obesity. Obesity is the cause of many issues such as: arthritis, hip dysplasia, diabetes, hypertension, respiratory problems, and kidney disease. It is also proven that obesity will shorten a dog’s life. This should be a huge incentive to exercise your dog more. You wouldn’t want your dog to suffer or live a shorter life because you neglected their exercise needs.

Behavior Issues?

Dog’s behavior is also compromised when they don’t get enough exercise. A dog that doesn’t get proper exercise can become destructive or cause bad manners. Exercise should be physical but also mentally stimulating. The type of exercise will vary depending on your dog’s age, weight, and breed. When dogs get restless and bored they will find their own ways to exercise by becoming destructive such as: tearing up trash, digging, chewing, aggression, barking, or even escaping. Bad manners often occur as well. Jumping on people, stealing food off tables, and barking can all be caused by lack of exercise. The majority of behavior issues are exercise related.

What do you think the minimum exercise requirement is for an average dog?

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That Special Bond With Man's Best Friend.

Everyone desires a better relationship with man’s best friend. The first step to bettering your bond with your dog is to be with him and play with him. A good way to bond with your dog is walks, fetch, trick training, leash training, ect. These are all great activities to build that special bond that you and your dog long for. Being your dog’s leader and exerciser physically and mentally can really help your relationship. Why wouldn’t you want to exercise your dog. Also if you are interested in learning to trick train your dog please message me and I can give you advice or tell you where to go to get help. Trick training can be very rewarding!


You have to agree that exercise is vital to a dog’s well being. It helps with health issues, behavior issues, and it creates that special bond. How could you not want to keep your dog well exercised, it is so beneficial. Yes exercising your dog is time consuming and can be expensive at times but all this must be taken into consideration when you adopt your new family member. I hope everyone that reads this will be motivated to go home and play with your furry friends. I know I am.


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