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Dog Breeds

Updated on March 19, 2015

What Dog Should I Get?

Dogs are so precious and before you get one you need to do your homework about the breed before you take him/her home. Understanding a dog before you buy one can save the family and the canine a lot of pain and heartache.

Getting the right dog to suit your family is important, especially if you have little children that are wanting a pet because taking home a Pitbull might not be the greatest choice for small children and some dogs need just as much attention as your babies do, so selection is key.

There are so many different dog breeds and all animals are capable of love and are precious but they do need lots of attention and care.

Here are some examples of breeds to consider and we give a short history of where they come from, what they enjoy eating and how to understand them.

Pekingese dogs need lots of tender, loving care
Pekingese dogs need lots of tender, loving care

Pekingese Dogs

This dog originates from China and they are also known as Lion - dogs as they resemble the Chinese guardian lions. In ancient China the Pekingese were favoured by monks and emperials and the dog is named after the forbidden city in Peking.

The breed of canine is over 2000 years old and they can live up to fifteen years of age.

Health of the Pekingese Breed

This canine is temperamental and should be bred with care as they have many health issues, one of which is albinism.

They shed a lot and weigh about 3 to 6 kg and stand at 15 to 20 cm.

The leading cause of this dog breed to live less than others is trauma, cardiovascular, neurological and heart failure.

These little fluffy's also suffer with eye problems and breathing due to their small skull and flat faces.

Skin allergies and the worst of it is Progressive retinal atrophy (their eyes pop out of the sockets.)

These dogs should not be kept outside as they are strictly indoor dogs which need major care and attention. There noses are flat and they cannot adjust themselves well to the temperatures outside. Back problems also occur with these dogs as their legs are shorter than their backs.

It is important to brush their coats daily as they shed a lot, also due to the fact that they cannot sense temperature, their temperature needs to be monitored in order to prevent heat exhaustion. The dirt needs to be removed from their eyes and the cracks in their skin to avoid hotspots and skin allergies.

Pekingese dogs are also know as lion dogs or Peke.
Pekingese dogs are also know as lion dogs or Peke.

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How to Understand a Pekingese Dog

They are small and out of balance due to their backs being longer than their short little legs can carry, walking on stairs could be problematic for these poor little fluff balls.

It is not recommended to have small children with this dog as they require a lot of attention and get grumpy when their sleep is disturbed.

The Pekingese adapt to their environment very well, they are loving and affectionate, loyal an protective. Although they do not get aggressive they do not like strangers very much.

The lion dog is independent, self centred and stubborn. They are not obedient and can often get jealous. Do not disturb their sleep as they get grumpy.

As a watchdog they are very suspicious of everyone and can be alert and protective.

Peke do not like long walks and they do not like to be told what to do, so if you are wanting to train this little one, it will be difficult to do as they are bossy and like to be pampered.

Pekingese dogs need love and attention but only when they want it. Most of the time they enjoy being on their own and they do not like to be disturbed, especially when sleeping. They are proud dogs but brats and will sulk if you are not giving them the desired attention that they need.

They also spite you by avoiding their food if you have shouted at them or told them what to do.

Their tiny little hearts cannot take loud noises and shouting therefore you need to avoid crowds and loud music to keep them feeling safe and secure.

Facts about the Pekingese Dogs

They are softies at heart and they do not like loud noises and too much excitement. These dogs like a peaceful environment so if you have little kids it is probably best not to get one of these.

Pekingese are high maintenance dogs and need attention for all their health requirements as well as them wanting to be the centre of attention.

They get expensive with all their requirements for their diet, skin and allergies.

What to Feed your Pekingese Dog

These dogs have sensitive stomachs so you have to ask your vet what they should eat. Avoid giving them anything that humans eat but they do like fresh veggies and meat. Eukanuba brand dog food has a good veggie selection and they have a toy dog brand especially for the little ones.

Sulphadine is a medication for their skin and if you cook and egg and give them the yolk once a week it is good for their coats.

For the allergies you can ask the vet for drops.

Staffordshire Terriers are good with children
Staffordshire Terriers are good with children

Staffordshire Terrier Breed

This dog breed comes from England and they are also known as "Staffies or Nanny dogs."

They originated in the county of Staffordshire, England and they were bred for bull - baiting which is a blood sport. Most farmers go these dogs to protect them from the bulls and they were extremely aggressive towards the bull but if they did not manage to defend themselves then they would be killed. Bull - baiting was outlawed in 1835 and Staffies were bought to protect livestock and families. Dog fighting also came about and the dogs were trained to dislike other dogs, which has made them more friendly to people. This breed of dog is also popular in America and South Africa. A well known Staffordshire Terrier is "Jock of the Bushveld."

Understanding Staffies

Staffordshire Terriers are great animals and they love children, which means that they enjoy playing with them and do not know their own strength. They treat children as if they were their own pups and this can cause a few unintentional injuries.

Staffies are playful and very protective over their families. If you do have one they will love and respect you and your loved ones but will get aggressive towards strangers and people who they do not know, making sudden moves.

They are sensitive to emotions and body language and will get that you are angry by a pointing of the finger. They do need training to be around people and other animals.

These dogs are faithful, loyal, friendly, loving, caring and protective. Truly "A man's best friend."

They are energetic and love fresh air. Staffies also have big appetites and are playful.

Tolerant, patient and absolutely wonderful dogs to have are the Staffies but if they do attack to protect you, lock - jaw can occur and they do get aggressive to protect you.

Staffies are loyal, protective and loving
Staffies are loyal, protective and loving

How to Take Care of Your Staffordshire Terrier

These canines love to be out and about, running around. Give them lots of exercise to keep them fit as they have strong builds. They are very strong dogs and need food that provides them lots of nutrition.

When they get old they tend to suffer from dementia so to avoid this from happening, consult your vet for vitamins.

The Staffordshire terrier should have protein, fats, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals. Dry food is the best option but most owners love to cook their doggies favourite food. If you do this ensure that you know exactly what dogs should be eating as what you make could affect their health.

Giving them dry food is also good for their teeth and a bones can be a real treat for these dogs.

Fish or a cod liver oil capsule is also good for your staffie in order for them to have good, healthy and shiny coats.

Maltese Poodles are so cute and small
Maltese Poodles are so cute and small

Maltese Poodles

The Maltese poodle comes originates from Italy and is said to have miniature spaniel and poodle blood. It was first found in Malta, hence the name. The breed was owned by royalty and girls used to carry these dogs in their sleeves. They were brought to England by crusaders from the Mediterranean.

They live to be 15 to 20 years old and they love the outdoors.

Maltese poodles love to go for walks
Maltese poodles love to go for walks

Understanding a Maltese Poodle

Maltese poodles love to go for walks and are very playful. This is what they absolutely love to do and they display behavioural problems if they are exempt from doing so. It has to be done on a daily basis.

They should be kept out of damp weather and they get cold shivers in heat. The Maltese poodles are prone to teeth problems and to avoid this give them dog biscuits to get their teeth strong and healthy.

Their stomachs are also very sensitive so avoid giving them rich foods and try to feed them dry dog food with a vegetarian flavour. These canines are also prone to sunburn and should avoid direct sunlight.

A Maltese is highly intelligent and absolutely loves its owner. They are loyal, loving and devoted.

This dog is good at learning tricks and definitely knows how to play its owner. They are like little humans and can understand you very well.

Shouting at this dog will lead it to sulk and ignore you for a bit. They are sensitive and do not like shouting.

An ideal pet for an apartment but they do make a very loud and high pitched noise when they hear a sound or see someone that they do not like.

Protective and if overly pampered can become the boss of the house thinking that he/she is the leader. If you feed them scraps from the table they will become picky eaters and this will cause problems with eating. With them being the boss of the house, they can develop separation issues if left alone or sent away.

Maltese love to play in puddles and enjoy playing outside. They are very difficult to house train but once it is done, they will intelligently live like a human.

Rottweilers are protective and loyal
Rottweilers are protective and loyal

Rottweiler Breed

Rottweilers date back to the Roman Empire from the drover dogs. They were bred to protect and guard cattle during the quest to conquer Europe. The Romans took over the Alps and Germany where they were finally driven out. The region was named Rottweil and the dogs proved useful to the butchers where they guarded the meat and protected the workers money pouches. There name became known as Rottweiler Metzgerhunds or butcher dogs.

Railroads were built and the need for the Rottweiler was not as much leading to the breed become less and less until the war started and the armies needed police dogs. The popularity of the Rottweiler increased and they were used as guard dogs for ambulance and police protection.

Understanding Rottweilers

These canines have great strength and they are intelligent and well suited to be guard dogs. Their weight can go up to 60 kg's for the males and 5o kg's for the females.

This dog is obedient, placid and loyal to its owner. They are fearless and very protective of their environment. It has a wait and see attitude which means that they do not respond right away but if there is a threat they are courageous and fearless.

Depending on how they are taken care of, if they are trained and treated well then they do not become violent and aggressive but given the wrong care, will make them dangerous.

Rottweilers need training as they are playful but have great strength which could be harmful to others if they are not trained. They are not welcoming to strangers and have a natural instinct to protect their surroundings.

If you have little children these dogs are not good for them as they are very strong and love to play which could lead to unintentional accidents at home. There are not many cases of Rottweilers turning on their owners and they are protective over their puppies, which means that owner or not, must stay away.

Due to their height and weight, these dogs often have hip displacement issues. Cancer is also something that they are prone to and if they are overfed and under exercised then they are also prone to obesity.

These dogs are not dangerous if they are raised and trained properly. They are strong and loyal to their owners whom they would fight for.

Rottweilers have a natural instinct to sense danger and suspicious people.

These dogs need leadership and lots of socialisation. They do not like to be confined to a backyard and they need to be the leader. An owner of this dog must be stronger than the Rottweiler in order for it to be trained.

Rotties need to run free and be kept busy at all times, they can never have too much exercise and they enjoy swimming too. They are playful and good with kids if they are trained but should a stranger come knocking on your door and the Rottweiler is suspicious, they will not be allowed in.

Rottweiler puppies are strong and grow quickly
Rottweiler puppies are strong and grow quickly

What to Feed a Rottweiler

Because these dogs are energetic and love to work, they love to eat too! Overfed Rottweilers can get obese and this is not good for their hearts, so the food must be in proportion to their weight and height. These dogs only live to about ten years and to prevent them from leaving you earlier it is important to give them the right diet and exercise. They have muscles and need to be fed like a body builder. In saying that I mean that they need to eat a few small meals per day. This also depends on how active they are so if they do not run around and are couch dogs then feeding them one bug meal a day is enough.

Hopefully they are active and therefore need high quality dry kibble and they should get about three to four small portions per day. Give them fish once per week or cod liver oil to keep their coats shiny and ensure that they have a treat like a bone once in a while to keep their teeth strong.

Avoid giving them too much protein, especially when they are puppies as their bones grow very quickly and protein will accelerate their growth rate which will cause them unnecessary pains.

If you take care of this dogs health, then they could live a lot longer than ten years.


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    • Tashaonthetown profile imageAUTHOR

      Natasha Pelati 

      4 years ago from South Africa

      Thank you! They are truly "a mans best friend" so adorable and loyal even when you have a bad day. My sister has the maltese and it is like a little human!

    • Cathi Sutton profile image

      Cathi Sutton 

      4 years ago

      I can't believe how cute those little Maltese Poodle puppies are! Just adorable.

      I have been a dog lover all my life. My first dog, as a small child was a Rough Collie, and such a loyal and devoted dog!

      One of the smartest dogs I have owned was a Rat Terrier. Also very physically strong for the size! He knew so many tricks and was super easy to train.

      Currently we have a Shetland Sheepdog pup, not yet a year old. He is also a very smart and a great friend.

      Life just wouldn't be the same without our furry friends!

      Nice Hub!


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