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Dogs body language

Updated on February 28, 2013
dog body language
dog body language

How well do you know your dog? Can you tell when he is happy or sad , or afraid? Knowing your dog's reactions can prevent many problems. If you can tell when the dog is ready to atack then you can save yourself pretty nasty bite.Dogs communicate through body language. So if you understand the basic body singhs you will be able to srenghten your relationship with the dog.

The tail

Many people don't really know what the dog tail tells them. The majoity thinks that a wagging tail means the dog is happy. Well that is not always the case and eventually someone gets bitten. Yes dogs do wag their tell when they are happy but they also do when they are agressive.One must learn the difference.

When your dog is relaxed he holds his tail in it's natural position.

When the dog is alert he wil probably hold his tail higher and stiff.

If the dog is happy like when for example you give him a treat his tail will wag from side to side.

If the dog is afraid or very submissive he will tug his tail between his legs.

One singh that should alert us tahet we should stay away from the dog is the tiny high-speed wag. The higher the dog keeps the tail the bigger the danger. This is a sighn that the dog is ready to attack.

The mouth

Dogs use their mouths to tell us different things. No, they don't talk but they use their lips,jaws and teeth to give a message.

A dog who is afraid will probably have closed mouth with his lips pulled slightly at the corners.

A grining dog doesn't always mean agressive dog. Some dogs do the so called "submissive grin"

An agressive dog will grin and show his teeth. This will be accompanied by agresive body posture and growls.

Dog ears

Dogs have different types of ears, but they use them the same way. When a dog is relaxed his ears would look naturally. If he is alert he will raise them and turn them to whatever took his attention.

Raised up and forward ears can mean agression. If the ears are pulled back this is the dog's way to show he is friendly.

Dog eyes

We always say that eyes are the windows of the soul. It's true about dogs too. When the dog is happy his eyes would appear normal. Eyes become larger when the dog is afraid. If the dog is looking at you with the whites of his eyes it might be a singh of upcoming agressive outburst.

Dogs hair

Raised hair on the back of the dog can be a singh of arausal. It's the same with humans when we get goose bumps.

Body posture

A submissive dog tries to appear smaller. He lowers himself . On the opposite.a dog who tries to be dominant will appear taller and larger. An agressive dog looks very similar to a dominant dog but the body language consist other agressive singhs. Usually the body weight will be placed on the front legs.

I hope this hub is useful not only for dog owners but to everyone. It's pitty that so many dogs get put down just because humans can't understand them.


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