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List of all the dog breeds that don't shed

Updated on February 11, 2013

Dog Breeds that don't shed

Everybody loves dogs. Not everybody loves dog hair everywhere. My wife and I got a Miniature Schnauzer 4 years ago. We didn't know it was a non-shedding dog. We love him for many reasons, but a clean house is just another reason to love a schnauzer. Here is a list of dogs that don't shed, or shed very little.

  • Airedale Terrier

  • Affenpinscher American Hairless Terrier

  • American Water Spaniel

  • Australian Silky Terrier

  • Australian Terrier

  • Bedlington Terrier

  • Basenji

  • Border Terrier

  • Brussels Griffon

  • Belgian Shepherd Laekenois

  • Bergamasco

  • Bichon Frise
  • Bichon/Yorkie

  • Black Russian Terrier

  • Bolognese

  • Bouvier des Flanders

  • Cavoodle Cesky Terrier

  • Chinese Crested

  • Cairn Terrier

  • Cocker Spaniel-Poodle mix

  • Chacy Ranior

  • Coton de Tulear

  • Chi-Poo

  • Cockapoo

  • Chinese Shar-Pei

  • Coton De Tulear

  • Deerhound

  • Dandie Dinmont Terrier

  • Doodleman Pinscher

  • Toy Fox Terrier

  • Giant Schnauzer
  • Goldendoodle

  • Glen of Imaal Terrier

  • Hungarian Grehound

  • Greyhound (Italian)

  • Greyhound (Polish )

  • Havanese

  • Hungarian Kuvasz
  • Hairless Khala

  • Hungarian Puli

  • Irish Water Spaniel

  • Italian Greyhound

  • Kerry Blue Terrier

  • Komondor

  • Maltese

  • Malti-Poo

  • Manchester Terrier

  • Mexican Hairless (Miniature)

  • Miniature Poodle

  • Mexican Hairless (Toy)

  • Miniature Schnauzer

  • Morkie

  • Norfolk Terrier

  • Norwich Terrier

  • Puli

  • Polish Lowland Sheepdog

  • Papillon

  • Polish Owczarek Nizinny

  • Peruvian Hairless

  • Peruvian Inca Orchid(medium and small)

  • Poodle hybrid

  • Poos

  • Poodle

  • Portuguese Water Dog

  • Pomeranian

  • Puli

  • Pumi

  • Petit Basset Griffon Vendeen

  • Schnoodle

  • Scottish Terrier (Scottie)

  • Sealyham Terrier

  • Shichon

  • Shh-tzu

  • Silky Terrier

  • Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier

  • Schnoodle

  • Spanish Water Dog

  • Shepadoodle

  • Tibetan Terrier

  • Toy Poodle

  • West Highland White Terrier

  • Whippet

  • Wirehaired Pointing Griffon

  • Wirehaired Fox Terrier

  • Welsh Terrier

  • Xoloitzcuintli (Mexican Hairless)

  • Yorkiepoo

  • Yorkshire Terrier

Now see if your favorite non-shedding breed is one of the 100 smartest dog breeds.

grooming will be a necessary expense for most dogs that don't shed
grooming will be a necessary expense for most dogs that don't shed

Grooming will be a regular expense

The worst part about a dog that sheds is the relationship strain. the dog may want to cuddle up against you, but if it is shedding you may hesitate. Nothing ruins your look on the way out the door like a million dog hairs on the leg of your pants. Dogs that don't shed do tend to need haircuts more often, as well as regular grooming. This is the trade off. However, I prefer a clean house, with an occasional trip to the groomers. This also allows you to try different haircuts and styles on your pooch.


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    • profile image


      4 years ago

      Very interesting now I know what dog to get in the future because my other dog (a shh tzu and shedding free dog ) passed away and also a smarter dog maybe I will get a poodle ( they don't shed and they are the second smartest dogs ) thanks for adding this on here I am looking forward to reading more about dogs and by the way this website is very helpful when it comes down to decision making!

    • iguidenetwork profile image


      5 years ago from Austin, TX

      Very interesting list of non-shedding dogs, now I have the reference which dogs to buy in the future. Thanks. Up, useful and a following. :)

    • Knowledge>Power profile imageAUTHOR


      7 years ago from USA

      Honestly, after having one that doesn't shed, it's hard to imagine going back to cleaning up hair everyday...but as always once you have a dog you love, it's all worth it

    • tonks814 profile image


      7 years ago from United States

      I love dogs, but the shedding bothers me. I will definitely keep this list around for when I can get a dog again!

    • bloggering profile image


      7 years ago from Southern California

      Have to keep this list for the future. We have a pug that we love dearly, but he sheds A LOT!


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