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Dogtown: Dog Sanctuary

Updated on August 31, 2012

Best Friends Animal Sanctuary

In the vast, dusty land of Utah an animal sanctuary sits quietly on a large piece of land. Best Friends Animal Sanctuary is there to help animals from around the world who are at risk of being euthanized due to health, temperament or breed. The sanctuary is set up with clinics, housing and training areas for each type of animal they have. The areas around the property are each named for the type of animals that are housed there.

You will find Dogtown, Cat World, Bunny House, Horse Haven, Parrot Garden, Piggy Paradise, and Wild Things. Each area is filled with animals who need special attention from experts who know how to handle them. Some animals have medical conditions that pose difficulties in adopting out the animals. While other animals live at the sanctuary because they are not safe pets. The other group of animals is the old-timers. Some animals find it hard to get adopted because of their age and many have found permanent homes at Best Friends.


Dogtown is a special area on the compound where dogs get a second chance at life. Many dogs that they receive in Dogtown are un-adoptable, undesirable or in bad health conditions. The dogs come from around the world to get a new life and be accepted. The dogs that have bad health problems are well cared for at the facility or in foster homes. Often times the dogs are able to recover and be adopted out. Those dogs with life long ailments some times find forever homes as well. Best Friends has the connections and the dedication to find special needs animals homes.

Dogs with behavioral problems that are seen as unsafe and un-adoptable get a chance for adoption as well. Behavioral issues in many dogs can be corrected with intense training and handling. With consistant work, several un-adoptable or bad behavior dogs do get forever homes.

The senior citizens of Dogtown often don't have much hope of being adopted so they get a cushy home to live out their time. They get treated to the good life in a relaxed setting. Older dogs tend to have some medical conditions and at Dogtown each one is given the proper care and attention.

Caring For All The Dogs

At Dogtown there are hundreds of dogs that need attention, to be fed, watered and exercised daily. Not to mention visits to the vet to ensure the overall health of the dogs. With dedicated staff members, vets, vet techs, training specialists, behavioral experts and number volunteers Dogtown runs like a well oiled machine.

When dogs arrive at the sanctuary they are put through tests and check ups before being put in their pens with their room mates. The dogs are first checked in and the staff tries to obtain as much information about the dog as possible. Then the dogs are off to the clinic. At the clinic the dogs get a check up and tested for contagious medical conditions. Once the dogs get the all clear they are tested on temperament and socialization. If they pass they get to be paired with their room mates, rather than in a traditional shelter where dogs get their own cage/kennel. Some dogs do have be separated due to medical or behavioral issues.


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