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Doncaster Wildlife Park

Updated on June 26, 2012

Yorkshire Wildlife Park - Is It Worth A Visit ?

For many people Wildlife Parks and zoos are as close as they will get to seeing many of the worlds wild animals. I am lucky in that I have experienced an African Safari a few years ago ( a once in a lifetime experience ). I have also visited many of the Wildlife Parks in the UK but the visits are usually one off affairs as many of the better ones are down in the south of the UK, living in the north of England does put a limit on the Wild life Parks that you can visit.

In 2009 the Yorkshire Wildlife Park opened for visitors, we can still hardly believe our luck as the park is a mere five minutes drive away, indeed the park is on a site that was once called Brockholmes Farm a small local attraction with farm animals etc where my better half used volunteer to go and feed the animals.

So what can you expect to see now and is it worth you visiting the new Doncaster Wildlife Park?

What To Expect At Doncaster Wildlife Park.

I think that the first thing to strike you is the size of the site and the amount of room that the animals have. Many people will be aware of the wildlife park because of their much publicsed rescue of 13 lions from a run down zoo in Romania. They raised the money to air lift them to the park in a modified Boeng 737. From living in small cages and without proper care the lions now have a 9acre enclosure and all the care that the park lavishes on them.

Sadly Johnny Senior one of the lions that arrived in a very bad state has had to be put to sleep because of ill health. He was 30yrs old ( I just like to think that his last two years of life have been a lot better than his previous 28yrs because of the park.

Lion Country

Land Of The tiger

Doncasters Wildlife Park has one of the largest and most innovative Tiger enclosures in Europe and is something you will not want to miss. They are a part of a Amur Tiger breeding program. When you think that there are only an estimated 400 Amur Tigers left in the wild you will know how important this project is. This is one of the things that I like most about the park on a whole, they are very conservation orientated and do put the animals welfare first.

Wallaby Walkabout.

People love the fact that some of the enclosures at Doncaster Wild Life Park are walk through in other words you are actually in the enclosure with the animals and can interact with them.One of the walk through enclosures is the Wallaby walkabout the kids love it. Try spotting the youngsters emerging from their mothers pouches.

Wallaby Walkabout

Lemur Woods

Another walk through enclosure is Lemur woods. Lemurs are fascinating creatures not more so than when you are in among them. The park has had some success at breeding the lemurs so you will be among the first to see a baby Lemur first hand, do not forget to take your camera!

Lemur Land At Doncaster Wildlife Park

Lemur Land Doncaster Wildlife Park
Lemur Land Doncaster Wildlife Park

Leopard Hieghts

One of the newest attractions at Doncaster Wildlife Park is Leopard Heights. The wife and myself are ardent cat lovers so the big cats are some of our favorite animals at any Safari Park. The new additions at Doncaster Wildlife Park are a Pair of Leopards. The Leopard Heights enclosure itsself cost many thousands of pounds, but what beautiful animals they are. The park have put a lot of thought into the different enclosures and have not skint on the space alloted to any of the animals.

Leopard Heights At Doncaster Wildlife Park

Leopard Heights
Leopard Heights

Other Attractions At Doncaster Widlife Park

I have gone through a few of the attractions at Doncaster Wildlife Park but there are more to enjoy than I can list here I just cannot do it justice on this page. Perhaps if I tell you that in their first year they had 66,000 visitors to the park and in the third year they had 323,000 visitors you will realise what a popular attraction it is. You will need a full day to take in all of the park, you can visit their website at for more information on the times of the animal talks and animal feeding times. I will download a few more photos below but you best bet is to just go and visit you will not be dissapointed.

Other Attractions At Doncaster Wildlife Park

Doncaster Wildlife Park Summary

As you will have probably guessed I am a big fan of the Doncaster Wildlife Park you can spend many hours watching the animals in as natural an environment as the park can make, they are unlike a lot of other parks in that the conservation of the animals is their first concern do not hesitate in paying a visit you will love it as will the children with many other attractions to keep them happy.

Doncaster Wildlife Park Directions

Doncaster wildlife Park - Prices

For the quality of the park I for one think that the admission prices are very reasonable, if you live in the general aeria even more so just think of the savings on petrol to go to any of the other wildlife parks that are on a similar standing. On my last visit a couple of weeks ago the admission prices were as below. I believe that a season ticket costs around £40.00 which is a huge saving if you intend being a regular visitor.

  • Adults - £12.99
  • Child - £9.99
  • Child Under 3 - Free
  • Senior Citizen £10.99
  • Students - £10.99
  • Carer - £2.00
  • Disabled - £7.00

If you need any more information just visit their website that keeps you informed of all the times of the animal talks and feeding times. One bit of advice if you are going planning a visit in busy times, book your tickets through the website this way you will be fast tracked when you get there and save a lot of time waiting.


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