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Read This Before You Bring Your New Cat Home

Updated on November 16, 2021
ayeza shehzad profile image

ayexa L is the owner of 4 years old female persian cat and is caretaker of many abandoned cats.

The Importance Of Having Knowledge Before You Bring Your Cat To Your Home

Let me tell you a secret,cats absolutely hate it when their environment is changed and feel threatened. Some even may feel depressed! So if their caretaker does not know what to expect when he brings a cat home and fails to give his cat proper treatment,imagine poor little soul's feelings. So is it worth it to make such lengthy arrangements for your new cat? Absolutely,if you want to become your cat's most trusted and most loved person in the whole world!

Let's dive in then,shall we?

Mood when the cat owns everything, including the master.
Mood when the cat owns everything, including the master.

Prepping Your Home

  • Buy litter and bowls.

I know it sounds obvious but many people forget buying the essentials in their excitement. Here is a list for you to check.

  1. Cat Food.
  2. Litter.
  3. Litter box, preferably big, easy to clean and open.
  4. Bowls for food and water.
  5. Cat nail clipper.
  6. Cat hair brush.

These are the essentials which should be present before your cat's presence.

  • Prepare a specific room for your cat with all the essentials from above.

With all things present, now is the time that you set them to their specific place. Here are some tips.

  1. Put three to four inches of litter in litter box and set it in a visible place which is open from all sides.
  2. Put some treats in the corner so when your kitty comes,she feels rewarded while exploring.
  3. Be sure that all the windows are shut.
  4. Hide all small objects that a cat may ingest.
  5. Put some simple things like a cardboard box,ribbons and balls for your kitty to play.

Remember, getting a cat is a tremendous duty and you should be mentally and physically ready to give your cat the best they deserve.

Don't Worry If She Seems Distant And Scared

  • Don't have high expectations.

Cats get scared whenever they are introduced to new environment or even if some thing is changed in their pre-existing environment. So, the chances are that you will have a scared cat for a few days who will hide in places unimaginable. Give your cat some time and it will start to interact with you.

  • Don't let her roam in the whole house.

Restrict your cat to one room at a time. Let her explore it and when you feel like she is comfortable,slowly introduce her to other rooms.It will be a mess for you if she is not restricted in the new environment . Cats mostly find a secure place in the areas where humans can't reach and as a result,she would be impossible to discover.

Tell Your Kids How To Behave Around The New Member.

Don't let your kids pet your cat unless it approaches them. Tell them not to make too much noise around the cat or not to run wildly around her as both things will scare the cat.

Train your kids as well not to hit the kitty as it leaves a negative impact.

If your kids are too young,let them around your cat under your custody,for kids have no idea that they are harming the kitty.

Don't Pet Your Cat's Belly

Unlike dogs,most cats hate it when their bellies are rubbed. It is a natural instinct which is in their genes to protect their internal organs. So don't make the mistake of rubbing kitty's belly, otherwise,be prepared for a nasty scratch. Do pet them on their head,near tail and under chin,for they love it.

Lock Those Windows Now!

Don't let your cat go out of the home without supervision .Otherwise, it will be a mayhem for you. Also your cat will be in danger of being attacked by outdoor cats ,for cats are territory sensitive animals.They are very hostile towards any cat that threaten to invade their area. One bite or scratch ,and your cat is at the risk of infections, lesions and other nasty wounds. So keep those windows tightly shut and if you want to let your cat out,do it under your own supervision.

Milk May Not Be A Good Option

It is a common myth that it is perfectly healthy to give your cat milk. WRONG! Most cats are lactose intolerant and can't digest milk. Given in large amount,these may cause nasty diarrhea and strong abdominal cramps. If you want to give your cat milk ,give it in very small amounts and don't forget to dilute it with water.

The Key To A Happy Relationship

And last but not the least, buy a variety of toys to check which one attracts your cat the most . While some cats enjoy a specific toy,others may completely hate it. It is very important to know their choice and to invest your time in their happiness. Try to play twice a day and you will see that how quickly your little furry friend gets attached to you.

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