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Don't You Think It's About Time we stopped this? Let's Talk Wildlife

Updated on May 26, 2016
Patrick Patrick profile image

Patrick has been a freelance writer for the past 3 years. I plan to continue writing more articles on Hubpages as well as short stories.

Let's Get Right To It

Statues... I have to admit, I am one of those people who look at sculptures and go, WOW! That's a good one! Ok, I am not an artist and I am not good at finding a story behind a piece of art (unless I am given a hint of course, LOL?).

I am sure we all have seen some of those ancient sculptures of human beings, animals, etc... They are exquisite and in perfect detail, yes? Oh come-on, at least agree with me on this one, No? Ok, let's continue...

So where I am going with this? I am of the belief that in a few decades such like sculptures along with old videos will be the only representation of some of the most beautiful animals and plants that are almost going extinct.

So a little while back this European or American guy (I really don't remember where he came from) came to Africa and shot a lion. He killed a lion dead... Yea, poor lion... Anyways, this became a big issue across the globe and bla bla, but has since been forgotten. But then again wild animals are being killed every other day…

It is a reality that some animals do not exist anymore as a result of human activities; a reality that saddens me- I really would have loved to see them. When I was a kid I remember a neighbor who had this long fence that was covered with some type of flower plant. It had lots, and I mean lots of butterflies of various sizes and colors. Boy, it was quite a sight when they flew all over around the fence. Now I rarely see butterflies... Like seriously, I can't remember the last time I saw some as an adult- Of course this is not to say that they are extinct :)

In Kenya, East of Africa, the population of lions and even elephants has reduced so drastically to an extent that the government has been forced to take drastic measures to protect the remaining ones. Elephants are being killed for their tusks at such a fast rate that some countries in Africa have seen almost half of their Elephant population die in the hands of poachers in the past decade alone. Forests are being cut down at such a fast rate that some species of plants are completely lost. This not only affects the plantations, but also the wildlife that live there.

Heard of Madagascar? Not the movie silly!, the country... Yea, now you recall it? Great, hope you can locate it on a global map- somewhere on the map of Africa. Got it? Great... Now Madagascar had a great variety of wildlife; such beautiful animals that you'd just want to sit back and watch them live their live in their natural habitat... Simply put, breathtaking... But this may not be the case in a few decades to come. See, human- animal conflicts has seen varieties of monkeys among other type of animals reduce so much that it has attracted the attention of the world.

We love wildlife- this is a reality. Don't believe me? Take a tour in the world of YouTube and see for yourself- Animal videos and wild animal videos in particular are some of the most watched videos over there. There is something beautiful about watching wild animals in their habitat, in their natural place of dwelling.

So why not do something to ensure that future generations actually get to see these animals and forest covers rather than be told about them having existed?

Let’s do this;

  1. Let's all watch over our world; we can do a lot to stop the destruction of wildlife:
  • Report any poachers or poaching activities,
  • Do not participate in any activity that would involve the destruction of wildlife,
  • Support groups and organizations involved in the protection of wildlife,
  • And lastly (but not least) let’s not pollute unnecessarily? Or at least reduce this? Yes? Good? Great...

Sure, the population is always increasing, but this does not mean that we cannot find solutions to the issue.

Beautiful Africa

Beautiful Huh?
Beautiful Huh? | Source

Congrats to You

I have to give some thumbs up to some of our African Leaders and Governments that have identified this problem, and have taken measures to control the situation. Salute to you all. Most recently, the Kenyan Government burnt thousands of Elephant Tusks to show its efforts in the war against Poaching. More still needs to be done to actually protect African Wildlife. Great start for now, but don't slow down please :)

Cute :)

Long Live Wildlife :)
Long Live Wildlife :) | Source

Final Thoughts

So, what do you think? is enough being done to protect wildlife? what more needs to be done? what is the value of wildlife? Drop your thoughts on the issue below, and let's talk about this some more..

Cheers :)


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