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Designer DIY Cat Tree Ideas that Make Cats Go Meow!

Updated on May 29, 2014

Why DIY?

Scouring the net for a suitable cat tree that doesn't look out of place is a pain. They often are missing elements that I want and might not fit the space, not to mention most commercial trees are ugly! Here are some considerations when you choose to DIY.

1. Curiosity Doesn't Kill The Cat

Safety first, make sure each step or branch is within reachable distance. You an utilise existing furniture like the back of the sofa to launch your cat onto higher ground.

2. Penny for Your Meows

Understand what your cat wants. Is he a bottom or tree dweller? Tentative or a daredevil? Is he bored and acting out? Give him options for behavioural change. Scratch the tree instead of furniture. Hang out on the tree instead of meowing to enter the room. Does he like looking out the window? Does he like dangling toys or balls?

3. Design Extraordinaire

Think like a cat, what components will your cat want? A scratching post, a comfortable bed, dangling toys, to look out the window, to leap and jump?

4. Get to Work

Draw out the game plan, which areas are unused but can be utilised. Where would your cat like to go? Integrate tubes, boxes, beds for a one of a kind cat tree that is sure to entertain your cat for hours. A win-win is possible, down with ugly cat trees!

1. Modular DIY Cat Condos

Catty Stacks's modular design means you can DIY your cat condo to fit both your space and your cat, whether your cat is a bottom or tree dweller, the ideas are endless. It comes with optional tubes, pillow seats and extra clips so you reconfigure as and when you like, keeping your cat entertained like no other. It is designed with entrances from all sides so your cat can climb in and out with ease, exploring every facet of it. Eco friendly and made with pet friendly vegetable dye is a bonus! See how easy it is to put one together in video below.

Catty Stacks Condo

Click thumbnail to view full-size

Catty Stacks Assembly

2. Floating Steps

Head to Ikea or any home improvement store for a variety of wall mount floating shelves that make ideal steps for your tree dwelling cat. Space saving and easy to install, they are sure to be a hit for your cat! Unlike the bulky monstrosity of conventional cat trees, they allow your cats to explore a much larger space that you do not use but they love. Find a place that is near a window so your cat can look out and watch the world go by! Add tubes, dangling toys and cozy homes for even more fun and comfort. Add carpet or rope on some shelves to dual as a scratching pad!

Floating Steps for Kitty

Click thumbnail to view full-size

How to Put up Cat Shelves By Jackson Galaxy

3. Natural Habitats

Grab a branch from a fallen tree or from a neighbour who is trimming his. Sand it down, give it a good wash, stick it in a pot filled with pebbles or drill a base into the bottom. Make sure the branch is free from pests and add some rope for a scratching post. Sisal rope from any hardware store, ebay or Amazon works really well. Hang toys, secure a bed at the top for added fun!

Typehype for Karl & Elmo

Click thumbnail to view full-size

All Natural Cat Tree

4. Handy Crafter

If you are a maverick at wood crafting and want to get down and dirty, this one is for you. See tutorial here. Or time to tap on that handy friend to get this started. Choose the configuration to suit your space and let's go!

DIY Cat Tree


5. Cats Love Tubes!

Catch the Lowes Kitty Playhouse tutorial here. Made from tubes, add in carpet for the interior and exterior or use Sisal rope for the exterior for scratching. It can be improvised to be wall mounted as part of the floating steps system. Make sure the openings are in line with the steps so your cats stay safe!

Tubular Playhouse


Video Tutorial

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    • Blackilocks profile imageAUTHOR


      4 years ago from Singapore

      Hi Meisjunk,

      Thanks, what an excellent name for a cat. Awww....Prince Fredward is a lucky cat!

    • Meisjunk profile image

      Jennifer Kessner 

      4 years ago from Pennsylvania

      This is my favorite hub. I'm going to spoil my Prince Fredward. =3


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