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Droopsy Fish Disease

Updated on April 8, 2011

Gold Fish with Droopsy

Gold Fish with Droopsy
Gold Fish with Droopsy

What is Droopsy?

Commonly known as Edema, Droopsy is a bacterial infection of the fish. It may have comne about through poor water quality, or a new fish that was brought in with it.  It causes Kidney Faliure, or Heart Faliure. It is the accumulation of large amounts of excess fluid under the scales, and it affects and damages the internal organs. It may be contagious, and is almost always fatal. Keep fish water clean to prevent Droopsy... It is very common in goldfish.


  To spot droopsy you will see the fish has a swollen abdomen. The fishes' scales may be sticking out, too. The fish could, not be eating, have have sunken eyes, be listless, and hang around at the top or bottom of the tank.



There is no sound medical medicine treatment for Droopsy. But there are medicines that seldom work. You can find special food for the fish to eat.  One way to treat a fish with droopsy is to remove it from the tank and quarintine it, so it does not stress the other tank mates, and give them droopsy. Droopsy is almost always fatal, and by the time the scales are sticking out the damage may be too extensive to repair......

Preventing Droopsy

Droopsy almost always sickens weak fish. Fish can become weak from improper living, improper diet, improper water, and being attacked by other fish. The best way to prevent droopsy and other disease is to keep an aquarium very clean, and always researching fish before you buy.

What to do after Droopsy?

 To ensure there is no droopsy left, before you buy new fish, it is best to do a 70% water change, then cycle it again. Make sure it is tip-top shape. After you do this, the parasites affecting the fish should have died off, and you can be safe to start the aquarium again


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