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Dumbo Rat Cages - 6 Things You MUST Have

Updated on November 26, 2011

A dumbo rat cage is quite literally just a closed off place that contains your pet dumbo rats, and in order to make it a home, you will need to make it cozy, inviting, and stimulating for him.

Here is a list of items or accessories to put inside your pet rat cage:


A dumbo rat needs his private area of rest just as much as we do. Nest boxes in pet shops have a wide variety of designs. You can choose from. You can also create your own using a hard cardboard box, a plastic box with a hole, an upside down bowl with an opening, or a pipe, to name a few. Be creative.

Inside, you will need to provide your pet rat some material he could nest in. Strips of fabric without fringes, shredded paper, or wood shavings would do. DO NOT use pine or cedar wood shavings as these contain toxins that are very dangerous to your dumbo rats.

You must also change your pet rat’s nesting material regularly as these can smell of urine and can cause infection or harm to your dumbo rat if left unchanged.


Dumbo rats like it when they see something they can jump to. A hammock hanging inside makes a perfect item for your pet rat cage. These can also come in many designs in regular pet shops, which can very well serve as lounge areas for your dumbo rats. Just the same, you can also opt to make your own hammock by choosing a sturdy cloth of your preferred design and sew it to make a pouch or a wide, closed off tube. You can then attach hooks, pins, or chains that will allow you to hang the hammock inside the cage.


Your pet dumbo rat needs enough exercise and one thing that could ensure this is having a wheel inside his cage. A recommended wheel that could minimize injury is one that is made of plastic, not metal which could hurt their feet.

Toy Treat Holders

Your pet dumbo rat loves treats, but he will even love it more when their placed in treat holders. They can be as simple as an easily chewed into container where they can get to their treat. This does not only make your pet rat’s cage look fancy, but it also serves to give your pet rat a little challenge and can therefore work to stimulate him mentally.

Forage field

A forage field is actually none other than a box with good soil in which your pet rats can dig. Dumbo rats love digging and this can keep them busy when they’re not in the wheel or getting treats from their toy treat holders.

Feeding needs

The most important items inside your pet rat’s cage are, of course, his food tray and water bottle.

To know more about what types of trays and bottles are best, other items for your pet rat’s cage and other great dumbo rat information, visit


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