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Discount Durable Squeaky Dog Toys

Updated on August 18, 2010

Choosing a Indestructible Squeaky Dog Toy.

Looking for a squeaker toy that satisfies your dogs squeaky dog toy needs that hold up to chewing is difficult to find.  Their are many toys out their that are squeaky dog toys but what is a dog toy that is destroyed in hours when you can buy a toy that last for weeks to months.  Their are even indestructible squeaky dog toys as well as durable ones to.  Kong would make the best indestructible dog toy that squeaks.  Your best deal on a durable toy would be at a pet speciality store never shop at a grocery store or non pet store and expect to get a good toy.

Here to the right is a list of great durable squeaker dog toys that can take a beating from your dog. These are not your regular plush toy but great toys made from canvas and other durable materials. The JW Petco ball is my favorite my Shepard is going on 6 months chewing on this and the squeaker still works. It's made from a thick but flexible rubber that can withhold a lot. The ball also comes in red, blue and green.

The Kyjen Squicky Squiggler is another durable woven nylon toy that can used for the squeakers and even as a tug toy for great bonding with your dog. Another benefit is the seven squeakers that this toy has so that if your dog destroys one their are 6 more. This toy comes in 4 different monsters.

The next dog toy that I love is this the Flappy dog toy. It's tough and squeaky and that's what makes Tuffy Flappy such a great all-around toy. It features vibrant blue and green coloring and is made from a tough, reinforced woven fabric. Tuffy is best for dogs that love toys that squeak but are not overly aggressive chewers. Tuffy is strong, but no dog toy is indestructible. This toy is very durable for any size dog.

Durable Animal Squeaker Mats

Have a dog that can destroy squeakers fast or just can't get enough of them then try these dog squeaker mats ranging from 6-16 squeakers for your dog to stay occupied for hours. This is popping bubble wrap for people you just can't get enough. I know if anywhere I touched it was like bubble wrap I would be in heavy imagine your dog being able to bite anywhere and get a squeaker in it. These toys come in many different designs and materials. The many different animals ranging from chickens to dragons to monsters, so their are tons to choose from.

Kong Squeaker Dog Toys

With the squeaker dog toys from kong your selection is never limited because you can choose from a regular tennis ball with a squeaker or a bowling pin tennis ball with squeakers. These toys also have the known durability of kong. My dogs personal favorite is the football tennis ball this toy makes a great fetch ball that is durable for him even to sit and chew on. These squeaker tennis balls don't pop or blow out as easily as other tennis balls. This football is great because it has a unpredictable bounce to it to keep your dog guessing and surprised with the squeaker inside of it. I also take it down to the lake and play with it in the water because it makes a great floating dog toy.  After you buy a Kong tennis ball you will never buy any other tennis ball for your dog because of the quality of these balls.

Squeaker Toy Repair

Oh no you didn't buy a squeaker mat toy and the squeaker toy you bought has squeaked it's last squeak but if you can sew you can add replacement squeakers into it.  Also if you sew a double stitch it could make your hole even more durable and harder to chew through. Kong makes some of the best replacement squeakers that last longer than your generic squeaker.


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    • caninecrtitics profile imageAUTHOR


      7 years ago from Massachusetts

      Your welcome martha don't forget to check out for more ideas

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      Great sueaky review. My dogs thank you.


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