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Eagle Pack Dog Food Reviewed

Updated on February 26, 2013

Eagle Pack Dry Dog food is an expensive, but natural formula dry dog food. Now I know that with the wide availability of many different brands of dried dog food you can be confused about which brand to choose. For example my English Mastiff was on a common brand of dog food for the longest time, but then I noticed that he was starting to develop hives and constantly getting ear infections. When I asked my veterinarian about this he said the most likely source would be a food allergy. Then after asking some of my other friends that have Mastiffs they all recommended the natural dry dog food which is what the Eagle Pack food is. However, since it is what some would consider a specialty dog food the brand of food does cost more than your other brands, but it is well worth the cost. Here is my review of the food I am talking about.

The first positive that I have found with the Eagle Pack Dry Dog food is the smell is much better and doesn't smell like the package. I know that for some reason some of the dog food that I have used in the past would stink and leave a greasy oily residue on my hands. which was fairly disgusting feeling on my hands. However, this food does not have the disgusting residue feeling and this is always a great feeling.

The second positive that I have found with the Eagle Pack Dry Dog food is that my dogs love eating it. I know with a Mastiff that they pretty much love eating any food that you are able to put down in front of them, but for some reason whenever I fill up his bowl with this dog food he will walk over to his bowl and within five minutes he will have all of his food gone. Which is really nice because then I do not have to worry about him wondering back to his own food at different times of the day because of all the drool that he produces when he eats.

The third positive is that with the Eagle Pack Dry Dog Food I can see a drastic improvement in all of my dogs coats. I know with the other brands the coat would be a little rough feeling and the under belly would not be the bright pink that they have when they are puppies. However, after being on this brand of food for a little under a month the pink belly skin returned and he looked tremendously healthier and his fur is so soft that you just cannot resist petting him all the time.

The one drawback that I have found with the Eagle Pack dry dog food is the food can be higher in price when compared to the other brands, but when you consider all the health benefits that I have mentioned above the positives far outweigh this one little negative.However, for many people this is an item that you will want to take into consideration because of the economy being so far down.

However, if you have a dog and they have an allergy to most dog foods or if you want to use what I consider to be one of the best dog foods around you will want to use Eagle Pack Dry Dog Food. I know that from my own experience that the food is a great one to use and now that I have discovered this wonderful food I will use only that brand for any of my dogs.


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    • Isabellas profile imageAUTHOR


      8 years ago from Ohio


      To be honest I have not seen that information before. If you want more information I would suggest contacting Eagle Pack themselves (very nice people I might add) and seeing what they have to say.

      If you have any other concerns though you might want to see about using another natural dog food that I have found and that is Blue. I use a combination of each of these two brands to keep my dogs in a balanced diet and from getting bored from the same type of food each day!

      Hope this helps out some.

    • profile image

      Ruth Pereira 

      8 years ago

      I have been using Eagle Pack Dog food for many years (small and mini breed dry).......I'm seeing comments that it is dangerous to my dogs now? Where can I go to find the real answer?

      Thankyou much.



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