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Earning Livelihood for Dog Lovers

Updated on December 11, 2009

Yes, you read it correct. It is very much possible to make a career in dog care. For people those who do want to spend as much part of their life with their canine friends as much as they can there are a lot of options. This Hub basically talks about such opportunities where you can have fun with your best friends always and convert your life’s passion into your career.

But you must consider first what you really want to do-

  • Full time work
  • Part time work
  • Volunteer occasionally.

Once you are clear with these things you can really move ahead in a doggy career.

1- Vets- Ya doggy doctors. If you want to get in for this you will have a career where you shall be repaying the debt you and your generations owe to the canine friends, you shall be caring for them, healing them writing them subscriptions and a lot of more thins which you shall enjoy doing provided you love dogs. But one thing to note is that it needs a lot of patience and money to become a doctor. Be it of humans or of animals.

2- Vet Assistant- This one’s like helper of Vet’s where you do all helping a senior Vet requires. It’s also a full time job and you will have to undergo a 2-3 years course for qualifying for the job. You can consult with your nearest Vet for getting more hands on info.

3- Dog Trainer- It may sound a fancy career option but it does require a lot of patience and an in-depth understanding of dogs. You should be able to feel, see, smell and think like dogs! Only then you can be a successful dog trainer. Dog trainers also do have specializations in them. Some may be correction expert or some may be tricks expert like basic toilet manners trainers.

Try to catch up with the trainer nearby and start following him if you see yourself a Dog Trainer,

4- Dog Groomer-Dog groomer as the name says is like stylists for dogs. If you have that sense of doggy fashion in you, and can really take care of these small ones (sometimes bigger once too) to make them look sexy and smart, you too can become a dog groomer. You must have a creative bone in you.

I must say these all above mentioned careers are really demanding and challenging but if you do really love dogs you will find them fun. But if you do not want to work full time like in above cases you can look for part timing in following areas to get some extra cash-

  1. Pet Shop
  2. Part time Pet Sitting
  3. Vet’s office
  4. Dog Shelter (you may have to volunteer for free there, so don’t expect good bucks)
  5. Dog Associations

I have intentionally not put Dog Breeding here because It's very serious business and should be handled only if you have indepth knowledge of dog breeds . Also you need to know in and out of the dogs you are going to breed.

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