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Easy steps to bathing your Guinea Pig!

Updated on July 22, 2016

How to bathe my Guinea Pig

Checklist: Two towels, a jug(preferably plastic), a non slip liner, pre-shampoo melt/conditioning treatment, hair brush, a box/their favourite plastic house.

It has been said that bathing two together can be a successful way to bond guinea pigs. (Please make sure you have helpers if you wish to do this). Also, why not make this the time for you to weigh your pet? Knowing that your pet is well and not poorly will give you the go ahead to bathe as bathing unwell guinea pigs while using medicated shampoo's is not advised! Clip their nails if needed! Piggy pamper day!

Lets get started!

1) - Avoiding a slippery surface: Line your sink/bath with any kind of fabric you have to make it that little bit easier for your pet to adjust to.

2) - Filling up your sink/bath: Run the water under your hand until you are satisfied that this temperature won't burn their sensitive skin. We don't want any water getting in their mouth, nose, eyes or ears so only fill it up to cover half of their body. My personal favourite is washing them in the sink as I feel I have more control this way. Remember one bath every few months is fine!

3) Placing your Guinea Pig in the water: Gently pat some of the water on your Guinea Pig and then pour some of it slowly onto them. After you've done this and feel they are calm slowly lower them into the sink. Petting and talking to them helps.

4) Supporting your Guinea Pig: Keep one hand in the water to support them. They will feel more at ease this way.

5) Shampooing: This is the best time to look for lumps, bumps and cuts. Use soaps that are gentle enough to use on an infants skin! manufacture all kinds of natural high quality bathing products. So, baby shampoo or shampoo's that are specially formulated for guinea pigs are excellent choices. Be very careful applying it as remember we don't want to get any in areas they wouldn't like. Wash all products off thoroughly.

6) Getting your Piggy dry: You can either blow dry your guinea pig or towel dry. I practice both methods but prefer blow drying. For blow drying test the temperature on your hand to make sure it won't be too hot on your piggy. Also, put it on the slowest setting. For towel drying get the majority of water off them using the towel and wrap them up like a burrito using a new towel. Place them in their indoor cage near you and give them a hot water bottle to sit on/lay against. Keep checking on them until you are satisfied they are toasty!

7) Treat time: Absolutely no better time to give your sow/boar a treat, so go on give them a slice of banana, a seedless grape or two, a slice of apple(remove seeds as they contain arsenic) or dried guinea pig treats.

I would love to know what your favourite pet/pets are, and what your favourite activity is to do with them?!...

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My sweet 9 month old, Autumn-Shae :)
My sweet 9 month old, Autumn-Shae :)
My sweet 9 month old, Autumn-Shae :)
I love chin rubs!
I love chin rubs!


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