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Eden 501 – Fish and Turtle Canister Filter Review

Updated on August 21, 2009
cheap way to find room for your canister filter
cheap way to find room for your canister filter
tank with the eden 501 setup :)
tank with the eden 501 setup :)

Eden 501 filter review

Decided to do a canister filter review on the Eden 501 300lph because there is very little information about it online and for me it was a tough decision to just buy it without hearing much feedback about it

This canister filter has been designed for tanks up to 60 L so its perfect for a 1ft or 2ft tank. I am currently using it on my 2ft goldfish tank and is working great.

It also says it has been designed for turtle tanks which is good news considering turtles make a huge amount of waste compared to fish. The Eden 501 is also not a cheap made in china product its made in Italy. It’s also produced under a few different brands and these include Turtle Clean 501 and ZooMed TC-30 501 turtle canister filter.

Compact and Light Weight, Canister Placement

The only downside of the Eden 501 is because it has a very low wattage motor to decrease the amount of noise made, you have to place the canister at the same level as your tank or higher. You can buy a clip to let it hang off the side of your tank or simply buy a bath shampoo holder from your local hardware shop and rest it in that.

The canister itself is very compact and fits nicely behind or beside your fish tank, and has a great safety lock feature to avoid you spilling water all over yourself as well as keeping the water properly pressurized inside the canister.

Zoo Med Turtle Clean 15 External Canister Filter
Zoo Med Turtle Clean 15 External Canister Filter
Most popular 501 canister filter, good customer service as well and its easy to get spare replacement parts, filter medium

Eden 501 Cost

The Eden 501 is probably one of the cheapest canister filters you can buy at the moment apart from the rapid’s mini canister filter, and the two are actually very similar the main difference being the rapid’s mini used flexible hosing as the Eden 501 using straight and pre-bent hoses.

For an aquarium enthusiast on a budget its really a good buy as you’ll find the eheim , fluvals and other brands are incredibly expensive compared to the Eden 501.

Assembly – Putting the Canister Filter Together

Assembly for the Eden 501 was incredibly simple and took no longer than 15 minutes, 10 minutes if your speedy Gonzales.

The basic steps involve

- Putting in the rubber grommets on the bottom of the filter to reduce noise

- Washing the filter cylinders and putting them into the canister

- Setting up the spray bar and Suction hose, connections

- Cleaning aquarium glass and attaching hoses

- Priming the filter (simply fill the canister compartment with water to prime)

- Start it up :)

Canister Filter Noise

The great thing about this filter is that it’s very quiet and most people describe it as whisper quiet or slightly humming. Compared to the Eheim 2213 it’s a lot quieter and you wont really notice the noise coming from it and during the day you’ll have to check on it to make sure its still on due to the lack of noise.

Of course it can be noisier depending on how high you setup your spray bar, there is a regular spout connection if you wish not to use the spray bar but the spray bar helps with better oxygenation of the water.

If you find the eden 501 is making more noise than usual, most common being air stuck inside the filter causing strange noisy. Tilts the canister slightly until you have removed all of the trapped air otherwise take the spray bar out of the water to help clear trapped air.

There is also a little hose inside the Eden 501 that helps to dispel trapped air make sure that is securely fastened to avoid the rushing air noise. A lot of people sleep in the same room as there Eden 501.

Eden 501 Filtration / Cleaning

The Eden 501 for me has been great at filtering out all the gunk and waste from my goldfish tank and with the spray bar setup works great at picking things up off the gravel and sucking it up into the canister.

The filter has a two stage filtration first is the bio cylinders (included) and then the sponge before the water is returned cleaned. Large waste is trapped by the wall between the two compartments.

Cleaning is simple just turn off the filter and unplug the hoses, some people have trouble with water going back and forth due to not having taps. If this is a problem for you simply buy the 9/12mm taps that you can buy from eheim.

Favourite Type of Filter

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    • expectus profile imageAUTHOR


      9 years ago from Land Downunder

      yes you are correct Ryan, they are a couple of very small goldfish which have now been moved to my pond :)

    • profile image


      9 years ago

      I read this review before I purchased mine just over a month ago, I've been very very happy with this product but in mine I added a thin coarse sponge above the ceramic noodles under the inlet so the noodles don't become gunked up and a media bag full of API's Bio-Chem Zorb which sits under the sponge on the mechanical side of the chamber, this allows the Bio media to still remove as much as it can whilst the Zorb takes up the rest. I have a heavily stocked 2ft tank with Guppies, Mollies, Platys, Corys and a few snails.

      My water is crystal clear all parameters are perfect!

      A brilliant filter for a small tank Highly recommended!

    • profile image


      9 years ago

      Think about what you just said and have a rethink, maybe they are small Goldfish to be moved. He didn't say, a 2 foot tank full of massive Goldfish waiting to die. Think before you hate

    • profile image


      9 years ago

      2 feet tank for goldfish?

      This review loses all credibility, as far as I'm concerned, if the reviewer keeps goldfish in such an unsuitable tank.

    • profile image

      Peter (NL) 

      9 years ago

      Nice job.

      Very informative review.

      I makes my decision a lot easier.

    • profile image


      9 years ago

      Good review, very informative


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