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Therapeutic Uses Of Cow Urine(Gomutra)

Updated on July 25, 2015

Cow’s urine or gomutra

It is given in many Ancient manuscripts that cow’s urine or a gomutra should be taken for preventing diseases and hence to remain healthy. Various ancient medicinal treatment practices, cow urine is used as a therapeutic agent. Like for example panchagavya, a blend of five compounds obtained from the cow, namely dung, urine, milk, ghee and curd is used as a medicine and some times as fertilizer for plants.

The component analysis of cows urine where conducted by various scientists which revealed the presence of nitrogen, sulfur, phosphate, sodium, manganese, carbolic acid, iron, silicon, chlorine, magnesium, malic, citric, tartaric, succinic acids, calcium salts, Vitamin A, B, C, D, E, minerals, lactose, enzymes, creatinine, hormones and gold acids.

The recent invention related to gomutra was its role as a bio-enhancer. According to this invention cow’s urine distillate is an activity enhancer and availability facilitator for bio active molecules. The bio-active substance used was antibiotic. The distillate helps in absorption of antibiotic across the cell membrane in animal cells, gram positive and gram negative bacteria at 40-50’C.

The effects of cow’s urine and equivalent nitrogen, potassium, and sulphur treatments on pasture yield, botanical composition, herbage chemical composition, and N-fixation by clovers were examined during winter and spring. Urine caused a large increase in rye grass yield, due entirely to its N component. The effects on yield lasted 2-3 harvests and was followed by a decrease in clover growth. The sulphur treatment (sodium sulphate) reduced the depressive effect of N on clover growth. Urine increased the N concentration of grass (particularly the nitrate fraction) and increased the potassium concentration of grass and clover. N fixation by clover was markedly decreased by urine, particularly during winter. The treatments were replicated at either end of a paddock to examine the influence of the previous grazing method (nine years of break-feeding in the same direction, with no back fencing) on fertility transfer. At the “low fertility” end, lower levels of pasture production and soil nutrients were measured and pasture response to urea was higher.

Another experiment was conducted to separate various fractions of cow urine and evaluate them for antimicrobial activity against various microorganisms. The 5 fractions observed contain neutral (N), weakly acidic (WA), strongly acidic (SA), basic (B) and amphoteric (AM) compounds. The test organisms used for antimicrobial activity include Staphylococcus aureus, Salmonella typhi, Bacillus subtilis (MTCC 441), Pseudomonas aeruginosa (MTCC 424), Proteus vulgaris (MTCC 1771), Micrococcus luteus (MTCC 1541), Bacillus cereus (MTCC 430), Escherichia coli (MTCC 739) and 14 strains of Candida albicans isolated from 14 different patients. The percent yield of fractions obtained by solvent extraction were N=0.05%, WA=0.37%, SA=0.48%, B=0.012% and AM=0.07%. The fractions of SA, WA, N, B and AM compounds exhibited antimicrobial activity against bacteria in concentrations in which they were used. In C. albicans, only SA and WA were active while N, B and AM did not show any inhibition of growth. It is concluded that fractions of cow urine obtained by solvent extraction possess antimicrobial activity.

It has been observed that cow urine has increased the phagocytic activity of macrophages and thus helpful in prevention and control of bacterial infections. It also increases the secretion of interleukin-1 and interleukin-2.


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    • profile image

      saiprabha 2 years ago

      is that much beneficial, thanks but in the form of soft drink??????????????Can't even imagine.

    • profile image

      sanooj 5 years ago

      we have to make it as an energy grink , who will support me please contact me.

    • dinkan53 profile image

      dinkan53 5 years ago from India

      @afriqnet What i read was, while we urinate the the micronutrients are washed away from our body and cow's urine can meet the loss of micronutrients in the body. Happy to know that my hub gave you some useful information. Thanks for your visit, read and valuable comment.

    • afriqnet profile image

      Joe Njenga 5 years ago from Nairobi Kenya

      I have never given it a thought though I once heard my granny say about this therapy. Know I got some solid facts from your hub. Thanks for sharing.

    • profile image

      Narendra 6 years ago

      Yes cow urine and cow products are very useful. Even shampoo of cow product is very useful which i use personally

    • profile image

      mitul 6 years ago

      i think it will be useful

    • profile image

      apple 6 years ago

      cows urine is very good for health it cures vitiligo to some extent in early stages

    • Indian Chef profile image

      Indian Chef 6 years ago from New Delhi India

      I have heard stories about Morarji Desai drinking a glass of go mutra daily in morning and he is supposed to find it to have health benefits.

    • profile image

      Parthu 6 years ago

      Its very good to healthy.

    • profile image

      janardan Gopi NaIK; GOA, iNDIA 6 years ago


    • profile image

      valya 6 years ago

      cow`s urine nothing good i think, it is a bad habit to drink the excretory product even it is cow`s urine

    • profile image

      yashwant atbhaiya (M.Tech.) 6 years ago

      cow urine is very use full medicine in human health. because its components are fight against diseases.

    • profile image

      suban 7 years ago

      i have been on go-mutra for 3 months now......i feel so much better have decided to intake it for lifetime.......

      feel gud n positive!!!

    • dinkan53 profile image

      dinkan53 7 years ago from India

      hello, thanks for stopping by BabaSixto. Do this quite often, glad to hear nice comments.

    • BabaSixto profile image

      Sixto J Novaton 7 years ago from Florida

      Just stopping by to say Hi... and to say this is a great hub... liked the idea for the soft drink... haha

    • profile image

      manasi 8 years ago

      cow urine is extremely effective in improving one s immune system...however it should not be directly consumed...because it has it s own normal microbial flora..instead its urine distillate is suggested.

    • profile image

      shiju 8 years ago

      too much good effects for cow's urine. I read in another page of hubpages that cow's urine can be used for trauma. just think a world of getting chilled urine from shops like soft drinks?


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