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Elephants: Don't Worry I Have Your Back

Updated on May 13, 2019
kenneth avery profile image

I was born in the south. I live in the south and will die in the south. This is only a small part of the memories I share.

Welcome to “Meet the Elephants”

right here on this website, FREE and filled with valuable information about a true world-wide hero: the elephant. Elephants are so important to our world that they can serve in many ways. The elephant can be a great source of entertainment as well as helping a crew of men who are cutting trees in order to make a living.

Some experts refer to the elephant as a pachyderm, and while this term is correct, most Americans (and those around Europe) stick on calling these wonderful animals as elephants, but the Science World states the scientific look at elephants or the pachyderm,are large mammals of the family Elephantidaein the order Proboscidea. Three species are currently recognised: the African bush elephant(Loxodonta africana), the African forest elephant(L. cyclotis), and the Asian elephant(Elephas maximus). Elephants are scattered throughout sub-Saharan Africa, South Asia, and Southeast Asia. Elephantidae is the only surviving family of the order Proboscidea; other, now extinct, members of the order include in others, gomphotheres, mastons, anancids and stegodontids. Elephantidae itself also contains several now extinct groups, such as the mammothsand straight-tusked elephants.

Herds of elephants guard the young, the females, and keep them safe.
Herds of elephants guard the young, the females, and keep them safe. | Source

The Truth About

elephants and their favorite foods is that while the elephant(s) will eat tons of peanuts, but only to humor the zoo fans and the elephant is so very smart that he is not about to make a fuss about the peanuts, but the REAL truth about what elephants loved to eat consist of two foods: red apples and ripe bananas.

The elephant’s two sensible food choices matches his marvelous I.Q. in that he knows that apples and bananas are very healthy and will cause the elephant to live longer lives. But the elephant, like I said, will devour a lot of peanuts not necessarily because he loves peanuts, but he is smart enough to not miss the chance of getting a free meal.

I should stay in a safe time, but I for one, am NOT a fan of Walt Disney’s “Dumbo.” I have watched this lots of time over the years and I simply cannot appreciate cruelty that involve animals, humans, and birds. But that’s just me. Call me old fashioned. I am set into my ways.

Another noted event started on NBC several years ago with a young Jay North (star of Dennis the Menace) and Sajid Khan rode their favorite elephant, Maya, as the two helped to solve problems while exploring the world. But all facts laid aside . . .it as the elephant who made the show and the elephant should have gotten top billing, but some ignorant entertainment agency took advantage of this good-hearted elephant.

I might add that Tarzan also had a favorite elephant: Tantor, who was not only super-intelligent, but very loyal to Tarzan—almost as loyal as his chimp, Cheetah. And from the earliest film to the latest documentary, the elephant needs to be recognized not only from us in the U.S.A., but from President Trump. I suggest that he pass a law that makes such and such a day as National Elephant Day and even have a respectful trainer to accompany the elephant to the White House.

Imagine for a Moment

that you are riding Noah’s ark and while you are traveling, you begin to notice that of all the animals that Noah called into the ark for safety, there was not a sign that told where the two elephants were riding. Hypothetically, Noah would have been livid at this error and many eons later, our society would not be as fluid or prosperous as if the elephants had rode the ark with Noah. Of course this is not real. The elephants did not get left behind and I am glad.

Fact is, I love elephants. But not as you think. You have seen the string of elephants walking in a parade to let folks know that the circus is in town. These poor animals were trained to hold on to each other’s tails and later on, the same elephants had to perform a series of intricate routines inside the Big Top just to entertain the popcorn, hot dog munching crowd who paid money to see the elephants be humiliated just for fun. This is not fair to the elephants . . .any elephant, lion, tiger, rhino, monkey or snake. Animals have been used for so long to make filthy lucre for their masters that we civilized people just thought that this was like it should be.

Two more interest points about elephants include that if a herd of elephants are threatened by human beings or other animals, the bull elephant will instantly get into a defensive stance and do what’s necessary to keep the herd safe. And while the herd, the mama’s and babies are being took to eat or drink water, it is the responsibility of the bull elephants who take great care of them and I might add that there is not a human stupid enough to try to attack and beat a bull elephant.

One Thing That Really Insults me

was those so-called funny elephant jokes that we used to hear in junior high school. But I claim ignorance in this matter. I had yet to learn about how valuable and needed that elephants really are. For instance, this example of an early elephant joke went like this: How do you know that an elephant has walked into the peanut butter? Easy. By the foot tracks. You see? Not funny whatsoever.

In closing, the last thing that insults me more than elephant jokes is those low-lifes who are better known as poachers—heartless people who track and kill innocent elephants only to sell their tusks for a hefty price. Sure, there are groups of African military forces that are in the bush to track such criminals, but it sometimes is a slow go, because to me, killing one elephant is too much. This also applies to innocent tigers, lions, rhinos, giraffe’s and other animals that are so innocent that we humans should hang our heads in shame.

May 13, 2019______________________________________________

Elephants going to the water hole.
Elephants going to the water hole. | Source

© 2019 Kenneth Avery


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