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Eliminating Pet Smells From Your Home and Carpets

Updated on March 26, 2018

Awareness of Your Home's Odor

Pet smells from your home and carpets doesn’t necessarily mean a person has undesirable housekeeping skills, as sometimes the tidiest individuals are afflicted with smelling pets. Pets tend to roll around, lie down on the floor, and their body smells goes directly into carpet fibers.This isn’t even taking into consideration yet, various pet accidents that many times are on the floor.

These odors can make visitors scrunch up their noses upon entering your home.Something, nobody wants and can leave a negative first impression.

Another aspect to this, as one who lives in the home, there’s a tendency to get more adjusted to the smell, otherwise known as desensitized, than a visitor would, so realize they could be experiencing a much stronger odor than you are.

Cleaning Up Pet Accidents

The majority of pet smells relates to their accidents, this is your first line of defense against bad odors.

  1. Upon discovery of the accident, deal with it immediately.Don’t wait until later.Invest is a black light and periodically and regularly do a sweep with this to detect pet accidents you may have missed.The black light will show stains and spots invisible to the naked eye.
  2. It’s not adequate in cleaning up, to simply pick up and remove solid waste.Neither is it effective to just make a quick swipe with a rag regarding vomit and urine accidents.

After removing solid waste, take a rag and blot as much liquid waste up as possible.Try a mild soap and water solution (text for color fastness in a less conspicuous area first) borax works excellent, and gently scrub into the stain and keep blotting with fresh rags.Then take some white vinegar and do the same.

Never use ammonia or ammonia based products to clean pet stains.Sometimes animals will confuse that scent with their own, thinking it’s their very own restroom to use anytime they want.You don’t want to encourage that!

There are also commercially made products you could try to find what works best.Sometimes an enzyme action product, specifically geared for organic stains work well, especially related to odors.

Allow the area to thoroughly dry, then sprinkle baking soda on the area and allow to set a couple hours to help absorb odors.Vacuum thoroughly.

Consult Professionals When Needed

There are times when consulting professionals is the best remedy.This may include a carpet specialist for the cleaning, including looking into possibly cleaning or replacing the carpet pad, which is less expensive than replacing the whole carpet.

It’s also a good idea to get professional carpet cleaning done a couple times of year as general maintenance to your carpets.

You may want to consult your veterinary to recommend specific products for animals’ stains, as they deal with this issue on a day to day basis.They may also be able to give you guidance for dealing with this behavior in your pet, and of course to rule out if there is a medical condition causing it.

These general tips are for any kind of pet although most people will associate it with dogs and cats.


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