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Ellen Taft advocate or just another Colleen Lynn?

Updated on July 30, 2012

Since 2008 Ellen Taft, a Seattle, Washington resident, has been speaking out against American Pit Bull Terriers and other "fighting dogs." Her group is called Families and Dogs Against Fighting Breeds, she is the president of the group.

The slogan of FDAFB is "We don't allow dog fighting, so why do we allow fighting breeds?" The group is specifically targeting American Pit Bull Terriers and other breeds that are typically used for illegal dog fighting. They want all banned from the city of Seattle and have been trying for 4 years now with no success. However, after a recent attack on a child Taft and her group seem to be in full force.

The FDAFB is currently attempting to petition city counsel for the city wide ban to be put into effect. The petition is a list of amendments they want made to the current dangerous dog laws already in place in the city of Seattle. The full petition can be viewed in PDF format. But to summarize, Ellen Taft wants it illegal to own pit bulls or any breed she sees as a fighting breed. People who currently own any of these types of dogs would be grandfathered in but only for the dogs they currently have. However, the dogs would need to be muzzled. Also, people visiting the city that travel with their dogs would be required to have their dogs in a locked vehicle and muzzled at all times when in city limits.


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