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Elmwood Park Zoo

Updated on March 22, 2016

Elmwood Park Zoo


Elmwood Park Zoo in Pennsylvania is a perfect zoo to visit for young children. Its smaller size makes it an ideal location for toddlers to get around without feeling overwhelmed. It is easy to navigate and the layout is such that it is difficult to get lost or tired in-between exhibits. The website boasts over 130,000 visitors annually and is a popular location for preschools, camps and elementary school field trips.

Flamingoes at the Zoo


About the Zoo

The Zoo is currently open 7 days a week, 10am - 5pm, except for September 14, Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, Christmas, New Year's Eve, New Year's Day. The zoo provides free parking and a range of educational programs. It is family friendly and has a variety of ways people can become involved, including memberships and animal adoptions.As well as the exhibits and habitats, the zoo has Giraffe feeding, Birds of Paradise feeding, Barn feeding, Caterpillar Train rides, Pony and Draft Horse rides and Live Animal encounters at various times throughout the day.


  • Treetop Adventure Park
  • Stroller Rentals
  • Wheelchairs/Scooter Rentals
  • Restrooms
  • ATM
  • Parking
  • Food-Cougar Cafe
  • Ice Cream Parlor
  • Shops
  • Playground



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History of the Zoo

The zoo was founded in 1924 when a small piece of property and a handful of white tailed deer were donated to the Borough of Norristown. It was initially run as part of Elmwood Park and monkeys, bears, peacocks, deer, raccoons and rabbits. Over time it developed and expanded, introducing more naturalistic habitats in its exhibits.

The zoo was supported by the Norristown Zoological Society,who donated time and money to the zoo and they eventually assumed control of the Zoo from the Borough in 1985.

In 1997 a new entrance pavilion was built and in 2002 the Zoo expanded from eight to sixteen acres.



Reasons to Visit Elmwood

  • Fun
  • Educational
  • Family Friendly
  • Feed Animals
  • Smaller sizes makes it easily accessible
  • Variety of Animals

Animals at the Zoo

Blue Poison Dart Frog
Bald Eagle
American Alligator
Big Horn Sheep
Hourglass Frog
Barn Owl
Black Rat Snake
Black Footed Ferret
Panamanian Golden Frog
Barred Owl
Box turtle
Black Tailed Prairie Dog
Puerto Rican Crested Toad
Blue and Gold Macaw
Diamondback Terrapin
Surinam Toad
Burrowing Owl
Green Iguana
Northern Pine Snake
Chacoan Peccary
Chilean Flamingo
Red-Footed Tortoise
Golden Eagle
Stinkpot Turtle
Green-winged Macaw
Western Hognose Snake
Muscovy Duck
Mute Swan
Golden Lion Tamarin
Gray Wolf
Peregrine Falcon
Howler Monkey
Red-Tailed Hawk
Sandhill Crane
Jacob Sheep
Turkey Vulture
Leicester Longwool Sheep
Yellow Crowned Amazon
Nigerian Dwarf Goat
Yellow-Naped Amazon
North American Porcupine
North American River Otter
Nubian Goat
Prehensile-Tailed Porcupine
Red Fox
Squirrel Monkey
White-Faced Saki

Chicken Coop




Feeding the Giraffe at Elmwood Park Zoo

So , if you want a zoo experience on a small scale Elmwood is the place for you. The variety of animals, the straight forward layout and the range of activities make it the perfect location for a first zoo visit. There are plenty of shady areas and water misting stations to keep everyone cool and a variety of shows through the year to keep everyone entertained.


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    Ruthbro 3 years ago from USA

    Thank you for your lovely comments

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    Dianna Mendez 3 years ago

    Sounds like a wonderful place to spend an day with family. Thanks for sharing this information.

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    travmaj 3 years ago from australia

    Lovely, looks like the ideal place for young children on their first visit to a zoo.