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Eulogy To Cherie

Updated on November 16, 2011

Mostly Terrier Beloved Mutt, some Jack Russell Terrier in her

Ears Extended full breadth
Ears Extended full breadth
The 3 Of Us All Together, Only Cherie has not passed yet
The 3 Of Us All Together, Only Cherie has not passed yet

Cherie Gave Us Much

Although Cheri has not quite left the physical earth yet she is about 18 yrs now and sleeps most the time except when she’s supposed to be sleeping!

She roams the rooms of a large apt at night I hear, and I wonder if she is roaming through memories of her more frisky days when going for a walk to a park, a canyon, or just up the block was the highlight of the day, except for the part of being official greeter at the door where excited kisses awaited to be received and given.

My girls and I were the proud owners of the mother, Bisquee, french for Bisquet, which we had acquired through Humane Society as a small pup. She was mostly small terrier mutt mix, but you could see she was half miniature Schnauzer. I loved her whiskers and eyebrows..Bisquee I nicknamed Tutti and she lived her full life span of between 12 an 15 yrs. Tutti gave birth to a litter of 5 when she was around 2 years of age. I had promised to get her fixed but I lied. I managed to keep 2 of the litter, Francois and MonCherie, and I found good homes for the other 3. All the pups looked slightly different from one another because their father was mostly poodle mutt.

The mating dance was something to see..I might mention! Cheri was the most unusual of the 5, with a distinct Jack Russell terrier showing up in her coloring and coat which we were surprised to have acquired this mostly white with tan spots, dog, long legs, and pointy nose, while all the others were tan and white or curly and black.

House training went fairly well with the addition of a dog door. I used to take Cheri to the park most every day early on in Denver, Colo. I remember the first time she saw a water hydrant in the park. She stood and barked at it for about 5 minutes until I told her to c’mon, let’s finish our stroll!

Then there was this time when she was not even a year old yet and we had gone to the park, but it must have been too short of an outing for Cherie as we rounded a corner and she flew out the window while we were engaged in conversation and we didn’t notice her absence until we got home and began unloading the dogs…where was Cheri?

In a panic my daughter and I jumped back in the car and sped back to the park, about 2 miles away, pushing the car beyond it’s capabilities nearly.

Turning onto the street the park was on we got lucky to spot Cheri right away. She was now on the other side of the street of the park, having noticed I suppose, that her family was gone and she was all alone.

I found it amazing that she was clearly trying to get into another car where sat a man looking at a newspaper who did not see this small creature below his door slowly wagging her little friendly white tail in the dirt.

I was glad he did not notice her, or we may well have lost Cheri to a new home! We pulled up and called to her to come to us, but so young was she I’m not sure she even knew her name. Finally she came to my arms and I gave her a hug and extended the little body to my daughter, relieved beyond compare that no harm had come to her beyond a small scratch where she must have slid when exiting the car.

One of my fondest memories of Cheri is when she lived with my daughter, I had been selling my place in Washington and not seen her for a year or so and when I arrived at my daughters there were 4 or 5 people in the house to greet my arrival, plus 4 dogs. Conversation ensued and I must have hit a particular note that Cheri recognized in my voice as all of a sudden she recognized me!

She stared very hard at me then bounded up into my lap and peered intently straight into my eyes in a most peculiar fashion as if to say “It’s You!” Hey! I know you! Where have you been so long?” Then I was the proud recipient of a once in a lifetime kiss or two on my face. Somehow she found my lips, I didn’t really mind, I guess she was getting back at me for all the slurpy kisses I’d planted on her in the past.

The next memory is rather funny. She had developed at some point a fondness for squeak toys and my daughter had helped her acquire quite a collection.
One day Shell decided to wash them all in the washing machine.

When Cheri discovered all her toys were in the washer she began to cry and try to get on the washer to retrieve them from certain death.
She would not leave the wash room throughout the cycle. I believe Shell opened the lid to show her the toys were in there and quite safe from harm. After the cycle, the toys were to go in the dryer.
I believe Cherie was allowed to retrieve one still wet, just to shut her up!

Pets become like our children and we are going to miss her when she leaves her little body, but we know her spirit will be with her family on the other side of life, where she will await to rejoin us.
I am more certain of our reunion than I am of anything else. We gave her a good and a long life and she is not just a dog, but a totally unique little being with individuality cast in her soul by strong abiding love of her owners.
I believe some domestic animals can become human, perhaps in primitive environments and that such a life can be granted because of their service to us humans, and their unconditional love. From there, I’m certain they can continue to advance their soul into further lives, completing the wheel of incarnation. For now, she is the little warm thing that slept next to my belly after insistently digging her way under the covers for the prize position. Never did I sleep so well, as when Cherie was snuggled there.

Daughter and dog
Daughter and dog


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    • LaughingRain profile image

      Alysia McAlister 6 years ago from Arizona

      yes my daughter says she thinks Cherie is a human. thanks for the comment Jane.

    • JaneSawyer profile image

      JaneSawyer 6 years ago

      We have a puppy just like Cherie. When you describe her it's like you are talking about my little dog. My family believes that our little pet is almost human as she seems to understand most of the stuff we say. My daughter calls her restless good spirit as she always likes to be with all people at once.

    • LaughingRain profile image

      Alysia McAlister 6 years ago from Arizona

      pets teach so much about unconditional love. thanks for the comment!

    • truthfornow profile image

      truthfornow 6 years ago from New Orleans, LA

      Cheri sounds like a great dog. This is a beautiful tribute to her. It is hard when pets grow old, but we can hang onto all the joy and love they brought into our lives.