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Evil Cats

Updated on January 9, 2015

Why would you get a Cat? Dogs are much better.

Why? I don't know, cats don't love you they only rub up against you to say that they own you. And you can't read a cats expressions, the only thing you know for sure is if he doesn't scratch you in the face that means he isn't ticked at you.

But cats are just evil and the show,"My Cat From Hell", proves it. I don't care if it's the owners fault, Good Dogs don't bite or scratch and they certainly don't need personal space. Dogs on the other hand, love and show affection to you, and they don't need a litter box in the house. I mean come on, why would you want a box of kitty poop sitting in your house?!? it stinks and you have to empty it every once in a while. But with a dog you just train him to go outside and that's it, no crap inside my house.

The weird cat lady down the street

Everyone has one, and yes it is weird, nobody wants to come in a house with 20 cats and all their little litter boxes, the entire house smells bad! But if you own 20 dogs it just shows your passionate about something. And then she goes to feed all the strays in the neighborhood, we don't want all those cats around, stop feeding them and they'll leave!


These cats are the worst, they get into everything that you leave outside, they rip up boat seats, walk on car hoods,get into the garage, and they pee and crap in the flower beds. But yet all the women feel bad for them so they decide to feed them. And guess what, they come back and stand on the front porch until you feel so bad that you have to give them more food. And why do you think they're strays in the first place? because their owners didn't want them, that's why! because cats suck!

Dogs can be trained

Cats aren't very good at taking orders. Dogs can be trained to do all sorts of tricks, cats can only be shown were to do its business. And to prove my point have you ever heard of a seeing eye cat? no! because they can't be trained!

Which would you chose, a dog or a cat?

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