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Exotic, attractive, and endlessly lovable - 3 special pets for discerning animal enthusiasts

Updated on December 29, 2015

What’s the common factor between sugar gliders, ferrets and fennec foxes? They are smart, they are small, and they are entirely exotic: for the animal enthusiast, there could not be a better choice of pet than these three! The thing about taking care of these special creatures is that there are a lot of prohibitions, restrictions, guidance and conduct rules, etc. when it comes to taking care of them. But with a little bit of knowledge, and a whole lot of love, you could find an exotic best friend in no time!

Life with a Fennec Fox can be an Active, Whirlwind, and Entertaining Journey

Fennec Fox
Fennec Fox

Grace, charm, beauty: these define the fennec fox in its entirety. This canine creature of the desert, that generally behaves a lot like dogs, may be perfectly described as being petite. Weighing just about 2.5-3 pounds, they could probably pass off as a beautiful cousin of your pet Chihuahua, but their agility probably takes them out of the running as a strictly purse-kind of animal.

Fennec fox babies take a bubble bath

What to expect from your fennec fox?

Fennec Fox
Fennec Fox
  • They’re so agile, you probably should get used to seeing them all over your place! They also love burrowing, so if you like your yard to be nice and spotlessly clean, you might as well forget about it.
  • Be prepared to deal with a few escapades, because fences alone sure can’t keep them in. You could prepare an outdoor enclosure for your pet, in order to prevent these.
  • While they may seem like a handful, it’s also worth mentioning that pups that are born and bred indoors and with a loving family, and generally mature into docile creatures that wouldn’t bite unless provoked.
  • A leash might be useful, but not necessary, particularly since they tend to be so friendly towards strangers and other pets alike.
  • The hardy animals can probably survive without much active care, but you should have a veterinarian available nearby in case of any emergencies: particularly since they will definitely require vaccination.
  • Dietary needs are quite uncomplicated: owners have been known to provide their pet foxes with a mixture of dog and cat food, vegetables and fruits, with reasonable success. Raw meat may also be recommended by certain breeders, so be sure to check in.

When Life gives you Lemons, go get a Sugar Glider!

Sugar Glider
Sugar Glider

We’re not kidding: Have you seen these cute little babies? Who can stop smiling when they have a cuddly little creature in the palm of their hands? And no, before you even think of saying, “Aw look at that cute little mouse!” let us just stop you right there: sugar gliders are marsupials, and they’d probably be quite offended if they found out about this identity crisis. (Don’t worry, we’re not telling.)

Sugar Gliders Playing

Sugar Glider
Sugar Glider

Now what can you expect when you own a sugar glider, apart from lots of mushy exclamations and gurgling noises from your friends? Read on:

  • They are endearing, playful, and amazingly good at human interaction! They’re so social that they probably should be kept in groups, increasing the Cuteness quotient of your house by several notches.
  • More reasons to love them? They’re fairly clean creatures, have very low maintenance, and do not have any special housing requirements. Just a tiny cage would be good enough for a house.
  • Like all things sweet and adorable, they do demand their fair share of attention. Like the mice which are kept as pets in Harry Potter, you might carry them around in your pocket though, so it’s not that difficult.
  • The flip-side though is that they are really difficult to housebreak, and they have sharp appendages (like teeth and claws). While not naturally aggressive, they might bite or scratch you, even if unintentionally.

Dietary requirements are fairly simple. In the wild, they generally eat crusty sugar (hence the name), but carrots, corn, mealworms, are all recommended.

Can you pet a Ferret?


Surprisingly enough, the answer is yes! These rather familiar creatures are known to be easily domesticated, and can be trained (both toilet and tricks!), making them an obvious choice. Some facts about life with a ferret:

  • They are very playful, and will scratch, dig, smell, chew, in all the glory of their idiosyncrasies.
  • Individuals and families with children (but not small ones, please) can all choose pet ferrets, but they require high maintenance so elderly people would do best by avoiding them.
  • They can be trained easily, so it’s easy to own a ferret once you get the training right. It might take a little time, but it’s quite easy to bond with them.
  • They live for six to ten years, requiring regular vaccination or health check-ups particularly for distemper, heartworm, etc.
  • Because they are very intelligent and generally regarded as social pets, they also seem to function best when kept in a group.
  • The ferrets might need special cages designed for them, with two levels and perhaps a hammock, and towels for bedding.

Funny and cute ferret videos compilation


Which of these 3 animals sound most adorable to you?

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In conclusion, we can safely say that no matter which pet you decide to get, ultimately it all comes down to patience, love, and care. Each has its own negative and positive features, but hopefully you shall be a little bit better equipped to choose between these three pets: fennec foxes, sugar gliders, and ferrets after going through this article.


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