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Extra Large Labrador Retriever

Updated on January 31, 2010

Colby James

Colby James

I was wondering if anyone else has an extra large black Labrador retriever. Colby James is our black lab and he is a giant. He weighs around 140 lbs. he really doesn’t eat that much and we walk every day. He is a sweetheart though, truly a gentle giant. He is great with our grandkids. He is also our timekeeper, he lets us know when it is time for him to eat, take medicine and even when it is time to go to bed. He loves to sit on the couch with me and look at the computer. Sometimes he looks like he is surfing the web all by himself.

We do craft shows at the coast, and he goes with us. He is the main attraction; people come by and want to take his picture. He sits in a folding camp chair and takes up the whole chair. He loves all of the attention he gets.  If you have a dog like him let me know and post pics if you got them.


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    • Blazee0981 profile image

      Blazee0981 5 weeks ago

      My sister has an overly large yellow Lab. Probably one of the biggest I've seen. My AKC reg'd female meets breed confirmation standards and he makes her look small because he's so big. His tongue is so big, it hangs down past his collar! Lol. Wish I had a current pic. He's MASSIVE!

    • fanci_foto profile image

      fanci_foto 4 months ago

      I am sorry for your loss, I do still visit this page. I get comments 3 or 4 times a week, I read everyone. Its been over 2 years since we lost the little boy and it still hurts. We have standard poodle rescue now and she is a sweetheart who is just a little spoiled. Again I want to thank all of you for your comments about Colby, its great that so many of you have had the experience of loving a giant.


    • profile image

      Cewest 4 months ago

      I do hope you still visit your page. I lost my golden retreiver emily grace in september, suspected cardiac tumor. It was a sudden loss an we still miss her. We were gifted a black lab puppy in october we named sampson. He is now 6 months old an is HUGE! Our vet said to expect a 110pound lab!

    • profile image

      Angelia 4 months ago

      My black lab, Charlie is extremely big. He is about two inches taller than his siblings. At 18 months, he acts like a 90 lb toddler. He counter surfs, and on hind legs is almost 5ft.

    • profile image

      sonia 6 months ago

      Me have a huge lab and his name is TOTO. he wieighs 158 lbs and he is the most gentle dog ever. He has to loose about 50 pounds and we have been struggling with that .we give him 2 small cups of dry food 2 times a day and he always seems hungry. He sheds like crazy and he is ultra friendly

    • profile image

      Desiree 6 months ago

      We have a Chocolate Lab that is 128 lbs.

    • profile image

      Brian 7 months ago

      Hi my name is Brian and my chocolate lab is 185lbs he's not fat just big. I took him to my new vet and he said Cooper is the largest lab he has ever seen. He's just under 8yrs old and I know he is the best pup in the world. Like others here have said and I to get stopped almost every day people wanting pictures for proof lol. I wish I could figure out how to put a picture up on here so everyone can see just how big he is and his heart is a perfect fit for his size

    • profile image

      lynn couch 9 months ago

      We also have a beautiful 140+lb lab his name is marmaduke we call him Duke

    • kissle25 profile image

      kissle25 15 months ago

      My lab is 150lbs or more. Last tome

      He was weighed was 150. His name is duke and he is the biggest lab ive ever seen

    • profile image

      Kathleen piedimonte 19 months ago

      I just adopted a large giant Black lab for companion for my border collie hes huge sweet as can be love him so

    • profile image

      kathleen 19 months ago

      I have a giant black Lab Zeus he is 113 lbs sweet as can be

    • profile image

      mbglasby 23 months ago

      Our big black lab, Ike, weighs 178 lbs. He went to the vet yesterday for his rabies shot and check-up. The vet wants him to lose 100 lbs which doesn't seem realistic to me. Ike is huge everywhere, his head, his paws, his neck circumference is 28 inches. Because I love him so much and he is the sweetest dog I have ever owned, I will what the vet suggested. She wants him to be fed 1 cup of dry food per day and he can have steamed veggies such as green beans and carrots to help fill him up. No treats or table scraps which is fine by me. I do walk him everyday 2-3 miles depending on the heat. Luckily, we live on the river so he takes a swim every night. I still think 1 cup of food is not enough for him but I will see what happens. If he really starts driving me crazy d/t hunger, I may have to increase it a little bit.

    • profile image

      Marc 23 months ago

      I am so sorry for your loss of Colby! I can't imagine that... I posted on here before and my dog's name is Otto. He is a gigantic black lab 155 pounds! I love him to death. He tore his acl and had surgery in March and is now is in the stages of full recovery. We go for 2 long walks every day and I hope to take him back to the dog park at the end of July. Otto looks like Colby.

    • sgbrown profile image

      Sheila Brown 2 years ago from Southern Oklahoma

      I am so sorry for your loss. I know you will miss him tremendously. He was a beautiful dog and it seemed he loved people and had a wonderful personality all his own.

    • fanci_foto profile image

      fanci_foto 2 years ago

      We lost our beloved Colby James yesterday. He has been going downhill for the past month or two. He couldn't walk very far without really struggling for breath. The last week he was awake only enough to eat and to go outside to go potty and that was hard on him.

      Thursday afternoon he vomited three or four times until his belly was empty. He wouldn't eat his dinner but he would drink water even though as soon as he was done he would throw it all back up. He could hardly walk without falling over and in the end he couldn't get up at all. The vet came out and examined him and thought that he might have cancer, probably lung cancer. When the vet got here his eyes were glazed over, and he was barely breathing. We all thought that the best thing we could do for him was help him on his way. The vet barely got the needle in his leg and Colby stopped breathing. He will be missed so much, we do have some great memories.

      I want to thank all of you for your comments throughout the years. It means a lot to us. We sell woodcrafts at craft shows and farmers markets and he was always an attraction. Everybody loved that little boy.

      Thanks again

    • profile image

      Jesica 2 years ago

      Our Big Boy Axel weight is around 135-140. He is also a gentle giant. Out of two litters I know his parents had, he is the only one that is this big. He is also my timekeeper. He is next to the bed staring at me as soon as the alarm goes off making sure I don't fall back asleep. Waiting by his food dish at both breakfast and dinner time. Also is next to my chair when he is ready for bed. He is a registered American lab, but first one I have ever seen this big. Good luck they are amazing animals.

    • profile image

      john prudenti 2 years ago

      hi just wondering if anyone has any leads on where to find a large blocky headed lab tall and 125 plus? preferably Black or yellow male

    • profile image

      Jenny Ott 3 years ago

      My baby boy, named Radar is an 101 pound yellow lab and is 4 years old. His mother was 60 pounds but his father was 120 pounds. Radar is so big, most people who meet him call him a HORSE and ask me what breed he is (full lab of course). He has a very large head, long legs, big paws and very a defined muscular build (pictures don't give him justice to his size). I myself am 5'10" and his paws reach my shoulders when he stands on his hind legs. It's nice to see that there are other large labs out there. I think mine might be British and American lab mixed. British labs have the big head and large build while the American labs have the muscular definition and the longer legs, but I don't know for sure if that's what mine is, it's just a guess. I will say, my dog is my absolute life, I don't care that I spoil him rotten. I believe when you bring an animal into your life, give them the most love and care and enjoyment you can possibly give them in there very short lives.

    • profile image

      Twister 3 years ago

      Our AKC white lab was 153 lbs at his prime, not an ounce of fat on him. He was very tall with a high flank. He was a very athletic dog and was always capable of 15+ feet in the dock jump. At two years old he attempted to tackle my fourwheeler at about 20mph, hitting the front fender from the side causing it to roll a few times. Great companion, somewhat arrogant, and a wonderful dog. He died at 13, surprisingly still weighing 135 lbs and until his last day still manhandled his little wirehair brother.

    • profile image

      Kleinhenz 3 years ago

      I love this post because I am so glad that there are so many that love big labs! My female Abby developed arthritis at 11 years and I had to put her down. She averaged 93 lbs. when she was running regular with me. Her "out of shape" weight was over 100. My vet said she was the biggest he had seen in his clinic. Her head was so beautiful and her body was symmetrical she was so loyal and loving. My male Tucker experienced a spinal embolism at age 7 that caused paralysis from his shoulders back. We had to put him down Jan. 3rd. Tucker's "lean" weight was 121 lbs. He was a head turner everywhere we went. People always complimented him. He and Abby had a small litter of 3 pups, one did not live, the other two I sold to two separate families in a nearby town. One of the pups "Ace" grew to be 160 lbs! For the first time in 19 years we do not have a dog and we are sad. If anyone knows of a breeder of large labs in Texas, La. or Oklahoma please post if you will. Thank you!

    • profile image

      Teresa Higgins 3 years ago

      I have a gorgeous chocolate lab, AKC, that is only 10 months old and weighed in just this morning at 101 pounds. We have a lot of growing still to do and I was totally thrown by how fast and how much he has grown. I love him all to pieces and wouldn't trade him for anything in the world. I had hoped to try showing him but is so far over the limit for breed standard that he would likely be dismissed from the conformation ring right away. I also hope to do therapy dog work with him and had planned to breed him if his health was good but I am afraid with such a large frame and being so heavy (he is not overweight for his size) that he not going to be a good candidate for breeding. Anyone know about breeding dogs, labs particularly?

    • fanci_foto profile image

      fanci_foto 3 years ago

      We had to put Colby on the diet food from the vet, He lost a lot of weight between the new food and daily exercise

    • profile image

      Angela Driscoll 3 years ago

      I have a 3 year old black lab who is 130 pounds. He seems to be continuing to grow taller still. I'm worried about him. He is also overweight but only receives two scoops of grain free food a day. He is also goes on a 3 mile walk daily. Help!

    • profile image

      RLH 3 years ago

      We have 2 large labs - one is black and the other yellow - separate litters. Ranger is black and is about 150lbs, 3 years old and very tall. Hondo is a year old - about 100 lbs and just now starting to fill out. Neither dog eats more than 3 cups a day with limited snacks. They get regular exercise but suspect they could use more.

    • profile image

      Ron 3 years ago

      I have a 125 pound black lab. He doesn't eat that much, but he is big, tall. He too is a gentle big dog. Have had him for 8 years, he is like on of the children. Amazing, calm dog.

    • profile image

      B.H. 3 years ago

      We have a yellow lab (mostly white) he is 10 months old and weighs 117, the vet says he is a great size and is considered to be a giant breed, he says he is not overweight at all, you can see some ribs and he still is slim through his waist, beautiful dog and very calm for a lab, maybe due to his size. Most people don't believe he is a lab.

    • profile image

      Marc 3 years ago

      I have a huge black lab. His name is Otto and he is 140 pounds and 15 months old. When people meet him they cannot believe his big he is. They think he is mixed with something, but he is all lab. I love him to death! He is such a good boy and so friendly!

    • profile image

      shannon k 4 years ago

      I have 3 Maine lab puppies I just love then they are the largest breed of lab out there if you do not feed them several time a day they are being under feed check with a vet for.the right amount for your dog. I had one that died a year ago and we loved him so much we got.3. AT 10 weeks they eat 1 red solo cup food 3 to 4.time a day and each dog is feed separate to ensure they all eat. The only thing with this breed.they do not know when to stop eating. So you need to watch and control the amounts. Even after Fed they are hungry. But they a fun and loveable.

    • profile image

      Greg Vernon 4 years ago

      We have a two year old Chocolate English (Blockhead Lab ) he weighs 120 right now and our Vet. has told us that he is still growing and he is not over weight it is just this breed of Lab. Like so many have said in some of the other post no one believes he is a full blooded Lab , but we have his papers also. He is a gentle giant and the smartest dog I have had.

    • profile image

      Cyndi_g 4 years ago

      Your dog is cute. I have a100lb chocolate lab. She is fit, not an ounce of fat. I guess we just get more to love.

    • profile image

      mdgfnvhd 5 years ago

      I’d have to seek advice from you here. Which isn’t some thing Which i do! I like reading an article that should get people to believe. Also, thank you for allowing me to comment!

    • profile image

      Ltmarine 5 years ago

      I had a black lab that was 132 pounds he lived for 16 years and he was my best friend.

    • profile image

      sunni larose 5 years ago

      update on Ray Charles...his 3rd birthday is this week. He is 125 and he's still filling out. The vet says wow he's #$%@ big and reminded me to keep him lean to try to prevent orthopedic issues. Ray met a Great Dane last week, he'd never met a dog that is bigger than he is.

    • profile image

      Sherry 5 years ago

      Your dog is gorgeous, he looks like the mastiff/Labrador mix that I owned until recently (he ran away :( ) King (my dog) also had that very shiny coat that was not double layered like the Labradors I have come in contact with. King was also not as rambunctious as I was told Labradors were, and he didn't like water at all. Not even a bath. You may have a secret mix breed on your hands!

    • profile image

      Mark 5 years ago

      Carol, could you please post a pic of Chester?! I would love To see what he looks like at 180 pounds! That is huge and if the vet says he is not much over weight that must mean he has a huge frame for a lab, that would be an awesome sight to see! Do you breed?! And if you do I would love to buy a pup, I love the larger framed labs!! My brother in law use to have a 140 pound yellow male lab that was awesome.. Huge head and paws and I always wanted one like him. So that would be awesome if you breed him, I would love a pup! Or if you don't breed would you be willing to offer him up for stud service if I bought a female?? Anyways, please let me know!! My number is 248-210-1235 if you would like to call me?!

    • profile image

      Scott 5 years ago

      My boy was 155 yellow. Took him to the vet ( he loved going there ) they gave me a smaller cup just to be sure he wasn't over fed. 2 days later he kept looking at his rear end ,,, he got pissed and ate the new cup

    • profile image

      mjhaston 5 years ago

      Grady (male) was the biggest in his litter. We got him and Colbie (female) from the same breeder 2 years apart. Grady was 22 lbs at 12 weeks ... Colbie was 11 lbs at the same. Now Grady is 2.5 years old and weighs 125 and Colbie is coming up on her first birthday and is 62 lbs.

      They only eat a little less than a cup of Iams dry food twice a day. They do get treats and some scraps once in a while. Nothing daily, but we're going to cut down on that. They have the backyard available to them all day and I walk them 1-2 miles a few times per week.

      Grady is a big English chocolate lab and is just a big boxy boy and we love it. We always have our mini-me Colbie! From the first time we walked Grady people stopped to ask if he was the English lab. Both of ours were fixed, BTW, and they say that can add to the lbs. We'll have to check out some of the diet foods people are talking about.

      @Adam ... we had previously lost a 4 month old chocolate lab named Charlie. As labs do, he chewed everything. One night, the same day he got some shots, he chewed a dish rag and swallowed some of it. Later that night he choked on the rag coming back up. We didn't know that until after the autopsy. We thought it was a bad reaction to the shots. Our vet wanted to know so he did the autopsy and found that Charlie had a hole in his diaphragm that the cloth got stuck in on the way back up and choked him. Could be a possibility with yours? Sorry for your loss.

    • fanci_foto profile image

      fanci_foto 6 years ago

      We had colby on that food for about 6 months and he lost over 25 lbs. He got down to 113 before we stopped feeding him that food. We have him on Kirkland weight control now and hes back up to 120 lbs.We just ignore the ignorant people and their rude comments.

    • profile image

      diane 6 years ago

      I'm so glad I did a search for large labs and found this. I have a 7yr old black lab and he weighs 160. He has never been over fed, no treats, plenty of walks and outside all the time. The vet put him on the hills food and I think he's losing a little. He wasn't even the biggest of his litter. People can be really cruel/stupid with their comments. He's full blk lab, but now if asked I call him a Labouffy. Lab and new foundland mix to shut them up. He's sweet, yet looks like a black bear and can be intimidating looking.

    • profile image

      Carol 6 years ago

      We have a 180 lb yellow Lab named Chester who turned 9 on

      12/14/11. He was one of 12 puppies and all of his brothers and sisters were normal size as the grew. He is long legged and very gentle and would like to be a lap dog. We also have people try to tell us that he can't be full Lab, but he is. The vet has told us he is the biggest Lab he has ever seen. He said he is a little over weight but not much. His paw is the size of the palm of my hand. We just tell people he is a freak of nature. My husband says he just got into the miracle grow as a puppy. I didn't know there were other large labs out there until today when my sister told me and I looked it up on line and found all of you. They are special dogs and Chester is getting old. It would be nice to know why some are so large and others are not. He also sheds a small dog worth of hair a day.

    • profile image

      primmhelen 6 years ago

      We have a 139 lb yellow Labrador "bear" that chews everything in site but we love him so. Best bred ever.

    • profile image

      Joseph deNatale M.D. 6 years ago

      we have always had large labs 105-140 our last lab is getting old, does any one know reputable breeders of large labs in the Maine area

    • profile image

      Kevin 6 years ago

      My big boy is Noah

      He is now 16 yrs old.

      Most of his life he was over 100lbs. Very tall for a lab, I call him daddy long legs.

      I'm writing to tel y'all to be careful with the bigguns. The leg and hip injuries they get as younger dogs come back when they are elderly.

    • profile image

      Adam 6 years ago

      My wife and I just lost our 92 pound 8 month and one day old black lab named Turbo. I arrived home from lunch and opened the door to let the dogs in and only one was there. I ran out in the bacyard to look for our gentle clumbsy giant and he was laying in front of a pile of rocks he had dug up. He was nonresponsive and kind of gasping. I thought he may be choking on a rock so I tried the heimlich(SP) manuver and reaching in his mouth to look for any airway obstructions but it all seemed clear. I threw him over my shoulder and rushed him to the vet but it was to late. Our baby had passed. The vet could not find anything in his airway either, and I have not been able to locate any other reason for his passing i.e. chemicals he may have gotten into etc. I am baffled as to why our baby passed, he was a muscular tall in shape dog. The vet is going to x-ray him looking for any causes. We only had him for six months but he was like a son to me, I was looking forward to spending a full life with him. His awesome lovable personality will be greatly missed.

      My heart goes out to those that have lost their loved ones. Such an empty helpless feeling. Our other dog, a Jack Russel, keeps looking for his buddy. What a sad deal.

    • profile image

      Tom 6 years ago

      I am so sorry for your loss. We are dreading that day, we lost our shepherd mix 8 years ago and it still chokes me up to talk about it. again so sorry

    • profile image

      Bella's Mom 6 years ago

      It is with great sadness that we have lost our 153 pound AKC white lab Bella Boo on November 8,2011. Our hearts will have a big hole that NONE of our other 6 Labs will be able to fill. We wanted to give her body to Texas A&M hoping to find out why she was so big. They said she was puppy mill baby and they would not benefit from anything they learn due to her breeding history. I will miss my Bella Boo for the rest of my life, she was my baby girl.

    • profile image

      twtex 6 years ago

      I have a large yellow lab, about 120 lbs, with that blocky head. He took over my wifes sie of the bed after she passed on. A gentle giant that came from the Medina County Animal Rescue in Texas. He's about 11 now and I can tell he wont be with us much longer. If anyone knows of a breeder of these large labs please let me know at

    • profile image

      terrie snyder 6 years ago

      I have a large black lab his name is Cooper 2 yrs old. Everyone stops and stares because they can not believe how big he is. He had his yearly check up at the vets a few weeks ago and the vet said he can still see his waist and 130lbs is ok for him because he is taller than the average lab. A lot of people tell me he is not a full blooded lab and that he must have Great Dane in him but the vet said he is a full blooded lab. Cooper's parents are both labs. He is a gentle giant and a sweetheart.

    • profile image

      sunni larose 6 years ago

      we also have a galutus negros, Ray Charles is a golden retriever/black lab mix and at 2 years old he's tall, 105# and very muscular. The folks we got him from said the daddy jumped a 6 foot fence to get to their bitch. We love him but I never thought he'd get so big!!!

    • profile image

      stacy wesolowski 6 years ago

      so i was afraid the breeder we got shilo from was wrong. He is a 7 mth old lab puppy and he already 70 lbs. She gave him to us for free cause she said one in 10,000 labs have this rare genetic trait. He is already so great we are training him to be a service dog and already getting his training down. He is very smart just big. Most people that see him have to stop and i tell them he is a 7 mth old puppy they don't beleive he is pure bred. Thank you for your story it makes me feel so much better. i am four eleven and on his hind legs he is already taller then i am. Beautiful gentel giant i say

    • profile image

      Azure 6 years ago

      My six month old puppy currently weighs 80lbs already. People mistake him for at least year old boy and get surprised when I say that he's still only a baby. Mahoney is currently going through his knuckle head stage where he tries to test me. But in the end, he's a very sweet boy

    • profile image

      Mark 6 years ago

      I have a big black lab as well. His name is Buckwheat. He is only three and weighs 110lbs.

    • profile image

      Ollie 6 years ago

      I have a brown lab that is the same eeight. No one ever believes he is a lab

    • profile image

      dana c 6 years ago

      i have a 5 year old yellow lab 120lbs i drive a tahoe and he is as tall as my 17inch rimmed tires my vet says he still has a waste and can still feel his ribs he is just huge people always ask how much he wieghs and if he is part great dane he is akc pappered and his siister is 90lbs his name is Jaeger and her name is Belle

    • profile image

      terry 6 years ago

      i have a yellow akc registered lab. he weighs 130lbs both parents are english descent they weighed 75-85lbs. he was from a litter of 13, normal size as puppy, he weighed 8 lbs at 6wks old.he thinks he is my lap dog and is my granddaughter(age4) buddy. this was his moms last litter.

    • profile image

      Dave 6 years ago

      I had friends who had 2 yellow Labs. The male was 140 Lbs and the female was 124. I have come across this numerous times since with dogs weighing up to 160 lbs. My original friends told me that they bought their dogs from a breeder in Virginia and he called them "Farm Labs" and insisted they were an intentional breed.

    • profile image

      Kim 7 years ago

      Where did you get him? I'm looking for a breeder who has extra large labs. I was at a dog jumping contest today and saw a yellow lab around 100 lbs. I like my dogs big. My current dog is a German Shepherd who is 145 lbs. He's a sweetheart.

    • profile image

      Ann Marie  7 years ago

      Our blonde lab Bogey is HUGE! He is only 105 lbs. as opposed to your 140. but he is tall and muscular (ripped actually). He is also a gentle giant. People stop us all the time and ask what kind of dog he is. We appease them by saying we think he is mixed with Great Dane. But he is a lab through and through. Giant paws, Big head. He is a rescue from Miami and we got him when he was 4 years old. He is awesome with children and gentle too. He eats 4 cups a day. but I do this to leave room for the giant milk bones we give him for treats. He loves to snuggle and give giant tongue sloppy kisses... Mostly he loves his tennis ball.

    • fanci_foto profile image

      fanci_foto 7 years ago

      He found us, someone dropped him off and he ended up on our front porch. we tried to find his owner but never did. We have been told he is an english or european lab. we seen one of these and he was big but a lot shorter. when he was a puppy his ears were the biggest part of him, i don't know if that could be an indicator of getting extra big or not. our daughter has a purebred black lab and a lab mix, they are both real sweethearts but neither is as big as colby. you could check out craigslist, i usually check it once or twice a week and i have seen some labs on there. good luck on your search.

    • profile image

      Janice 7 years ago

      Hi, I've been looking for a large (!) lab and I wonder where you got yours or if there's a breeder you might recommend?

    • fanci_foto profile image

      fanci_foto 7 years ago

      We had to put Colby on a diet, we are feeding the Hills presciption diet food. We had him weighed today and he is down to 122 lbs.

    • profile image

      Nate 7 years ago

      I have a Lab who is almost 3 years old and 125 lbs. His name is Rock and is the talk of the town. We are always stopped on our walks by people asking about his breed and gazing at the size of his paws. Rock is the sweetest pup who only eats 6 cups a day and resembles a smaller great dane. Colby is gorgeous and to Mike...he isn't 'grossly obese' just a large Lab.

    • profile image

      Shari 7 years ago

      Our HUGE (135 lb) Lab (my best friend) just passed away two weeks ago, but according to my husband (who had him before we were married), he was called a Norwegian Lab. Not many people (vets included), or internet sites talk about these beautiful gentle giants. Enjoy your special friends, as they are a rare breed :-)

    • profile image

      Leigh McCulloch 7 years ago

      YEs we have an extra large lab retriever called JET. As he is a rescue dog, we've often wondered about his origins and presumed he is a cross breed.

      Where can we send you a picture to?

    • profile image

      Brita 7 years ago

      We just adopted a yellow lab about 7 months ago and she weighs about 85-90 lbs. We know several people who own labs and no one believes that she can be a full-blooded lab because she is often twice as big as other labs. She is missing her front left leg so I think her weight will be an issue when she gets older but we love her to death! Your lab is beautiful!

    • profile image

      Bella's Mom 8 years ago

      Our Bella Boo is a female white AKC Lab that is 154 pounds. She has been under the care of the Vets for her 5 years now and they don't know why she is so big. She eats 2 cups of food a day and no snacks. We have 6 other labs and they are are normal size but this baby is HUGH - We will continue to love her while we have her and hope she doesn't get an ACL injury - She is my Baby

    • fanci_foto profile image

      fanci_foto 8 years ago

      thanks for the comment. yep colby is quite a boy and he is spoiled. we had to take him to the vet today, he hurt his leg a couple of weeks ago. we found out he has a torn ligament in his back leg. the doctor called it the acl. it is the ligament that hold the bone straight. so we have to put the boy on a stricter diet than he has been on and not go for a walk for a while. we were shocked when we found out he weighed 145 lbs. ill check out your pics on your hubs

    • iskra1916 profile image

      iskra1916 8 years ago from Belfast, Ireland.

      Excellent & charming hub !

      I loved the pics of your wonderful black Lab - he is a beautiful hound & anyone can tell that he is well cared for.

      My lab is completely devoted to me more than anyone else in our family, he literally cries when I leave him & he waits for my return at the door. He is also a great guard dog & confronts any unnanounced visitors. I have some pics of my dog on my hubs.


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