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Facts About Schipperkes

Updated on January 4, 2016
A pure bred Schipperke dog.
A pure bred Schipperke dog.

Most people do not know much about the Schipperke. The Schipperke is a small sized dog that originated in Belgium. This dog has been standardized since the 16th century. Unlike most small dog breeds the Schipperke is a working breed. Although this is a working breed it is actually a very good family dog and extremely loyal. Below are some interesting and little known facts about the Schipperke.

Interesting Facts about Schipperkes

  • The Schipperkes average life span is 15 years like most other small breeds however it is not uncommon for a Schipperke to live to 16 or even 18 years old.
  • About 1 in every 5 Schipperkes have some sort of eye problem so it is important to find a trustworthy breeder and to have your dog's eyes checked by a veterinarian regularly.
  • Schipperkes live from 13-15 years on average
  • Schipperkes can be suspicious towards strangers but are very friendly to people they know and trust
  • Many Schipperkes are aggressive towards animals of their same gender, however this can be overcome with proper training and socialization

  • Schipperkes are born with naturally docked tails, although some Schipperkes do have full tails
  • If you allow your Schipperke to become bored it may lead to destructive behavior and barking, because of this it is important to have your dog participate in obedience classes or some sort of other activity to not only exercise their minds but their bodies.
  • Schipperkes can be extremely stubborn so it is important to be firm and consistent with them.

  • The Schipperke has a double coat and sheds a fair amount so they require weekly brushing.
  • In the past Schipperkes were known as Spitz.
  • This breed came to the Americas in the early 1990s. While they are not very popular they have a loyal group of humans.
  • One of thier common nicknames is "little captain"
  • Although Schipperkes are high energy dogs, with proper exercise to vent their energy Schipperkes can make great apartment dogs
  • Female Schipperkes usually shed and "blow out" their coat more frequently than males

An Overview of the Schipperke's Tempermant

The schipperke is a very versatile dog. It is a very entergetic little dog which is great for people who live an active lifestyle. If you are concerned about safety than the schipperke may be right for you, they are very protective of thier property and thier family however they may bark too much if they are not trained when it is appropriate to bark. To keep your schipperke exercised and under control regular physical and mental exercise is required.

A Schipperke puppy.
A Schipperke puppy.

What should Schipperkes look like?

  • Male Schipperkes stand between 11-13 inches tall; females stand between 10-12 inches tall.
  • The coat varies in length on different parts of the body. The fur of the coat is short on the face, ears and front of the legs, medium length on the body and is long on the ruff, cape and culottes.
  • The Schipperke's coat must be all black. Any other color besides black is a disqualification.
  • The coat may become a reddish color during shedding times.
  • The coat may include some white or gray hair as the dog gets older.
  • The dog is very coordinated and graceful.


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      6 years ago from Melbourne

      Do you know how their bite work is? :)


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