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Family Dogs

Updated on November 5, 2017

Growing Up with Dogs

How Did You Get a Family Dog?

How did you get a family dog?

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Things to Consider...

Dogs can make great family pets if everyone is on board. They do not make good “surprises” such as Christmas or birthday gifts. Often this can lead to resentment as creating the “surprise” does not encourage communication and discussion around actually “getting a dog as a pet”. Adding a canine to the family is a great financial investment and requires a lot of time and team work among family members. If you can put in the effort and time you will gain a new member that loves the family unconditionally and a constant companion for your children. Having a pet as your children grow up provides developing young minds with the opportunity to learn responsibility and understand empathy, while having lots of fun. Therefore, enhancing your children’s emotional intelligence and personal growth.

Choosing the right dog takes a lot of planning and research that should be discussed among family members. First, decide what type of person you are as an individual, once everyone can decide how they want to live on a daily basis, you are ready to discuss the breeds. If you love the outdoors and are willing to spend hours outside, you and your family will benefit from certain breeds rather than others. If you like to stay at home, and would rather not have a pet that requires hours of daily exercise, you will be happier with other breeds. The biggest mistake people make when buying the family dog is getting the “cutest” dog or getting the “most popular breed” at the time, due to media examples from the most popular movies. Make a choice from a breed that suites you and the family, do not try to fit your family around the dog. Many breeders and shelter staff can help with this big decision, feel free to ask for help when dog shopping.


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    • rose56 profile image

      rose56 7 years ago

      I agree i love dogs . I used to be a dog groomer so i know alittle about dogs. Good hub.