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Famous Horses in History - Pop Culture

Updated on July 17, 2011

Budweiser Clydesdale

In Scotland, in the region named Clydesdale, This breed of horse was named in the region where it was created. The Clydesdale horse is thought to be over three hundred year old. It is a large muscular horse that is is a breed of horse that is three hundred years old. It was bred to pull heavy loads.

They are a world wide symbol of Budwiser Beers. Six magnificent bay geldings pull these carts on parades. When these six high stepping horses pulling a bright red cart through the street their hooves sound like thunder. Budweiser has the best all round Super Bowl commercials staring these horses.

Breyer Horses

They have thrilled little girls for generations by a making a variety of horses. From horses in myth, books and movies as well as in real like their model horse are the best in the world. With your own model horse you can own Secretariat, Seattle Slew, the Black Stallion, Ruffian, Trigger and so many more. Let your imagination soar with your own personal model horse.


Stamps commemorate special events that occur, or they are printed for a celebration such as Secretariat's Triple Crown win after 25 years of drought. Some stamps are printed to celebrate the Chinese Year of the Horse. Others are printed for more of their historical events such as the Buffalo Soldiers. 

Mobil Sign and other Logos

The red Pegasus on a Mobil gas sign. Other horses have been put up on signs such as White Horse and the Horse that belonged to the Marlboro cowboy. How was this thought up?


Upon the horses back mankind spread his civilizations across the land. To man they were the fastest and best means of travel until that fateful day when the automobile was invented changing everything. Horses were no longer needed because a car could go much faster, provide protection from the elements and comfort. Yet some cars have the names of horses on them and emblems.

The mustang and the pinto are cars named after horses. The Ferrari has an embelm of a horse on it's hood.


When Roy Rodgers horse, Trigger died he couldn't stand the thought of him begin buried in the cold ground. The answer was to have him stuffed. The horse then became a famous land mark known around the area.

Other horse landmarks are at racing establishments such as the Belmont Stakes, where there is a statue of Secretariat. The statue commemorates his mind blowing 32 length win at that race. Not only that but his statue is a tribute to a horse that did the impossible by winning the Triple Crown which is a test of endurance.

There are other Triple Crown Winners such as War Admiral, Gallant Fox, Count Fleet and more but they didn't win it in such a fashion. Secretariat Won the Kentucky Derby in the fastest time ever 1:59 2/5. Not only that but he was running each quarter of a mile faster than the previous one.

When the others were slowing down, he was gaining speed!


Horses have become a part of our lingo, even though they are used for pleasure ridding, competition and showing. Our expressions such as, "Horsing around" come from? Why do we call a unit of power horsepower, instead of something else? Who started these expressions?

If you have a horse-crazy girl, read my article on Horse Bedding for Girls.


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    • libby101a profile image


      7 years ago from KY

      This is nice--however, I think if you would add a few pictures for visual insight it would be awesome! Good Job!


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